De Bruyne brought a twist, Real Madrid stayed without Ramos

Manchester City won in the first game of the eight finals game of Champions League. The great De Bruyne brought a twist, Real Madrid stayed without Ramos for the next game. For the first goal, we need to wait until the 60th minute. When Real score a goal for a lead. Isco was the scorer. But City received this goal totally by their own fault, they make a mistake and Real use this mistake. The City gave Real a goal, then scored two.

But we didn’t need to wait too long for equalizing goal for City. In 78th minute Gabriel Jesus scored for 1:1. This was one great action where Jesus sends this ball in the net. Almost ten minutes later, in 87th minute De Bruyne scored from a penalty for City’s lead. This score stayed until the end of the match.

Three minutes later Real stayed without Ramos, who got a red card and for that reason he will not play in the next game on March 17. The City played an amazing match, but they deserve a far more convincing victory than this one against Real.

De Bruyne shows why Guardiola loves him so much

The City had some great chances from the beginning of the match. Two times Real’s goalkeeper save them, even Ramos had one save. It looks like that move was the only one good thing he did in this game. In the second half, Ramos played catastrophically, he was guilty of the City’s second goal.


Ramos is not the only guilty. Coach is responsible for this major failure that brought Real to the brink of premature elimination from the Champions League for the second year in a row. Incredibly, he leaves a player like Kroos on the bench.

Zidane makes a lot of mistakes in the team. In the meantime, Guardiola makes a perfect combination. Before the game, everyone was asking why Aquero and Sterling are not in the first eleven. Just after the start of the game, it was clear why is like that.

He knows that he needs to play with two fake nines De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva. De Bruyne shows that Guardiola didn’t make a mistake with his decision. De Bruyne is a top-class player. In the future, we will see even better Supabets results.