Dani Olmo first interview as a member of Spanish national team

Dani Olmo joins the Spanish national team. The best player in Croatian National League has been called to the Spanish national team for the first time. Their coach Robert Moreno is counting on him for the European Championship qualifications matches against Malta and Romania.

Now he has his first interview for a national team. He has only one goal to play for Spain at Euro 2020. As he said he is working every day to be as good as possible. Now, when he got the chance he will fight for the future. Until now we can see him as a former captain of the young Spanish national team.

In the past, there were some rumors that he could play for Croatia. He is there last five years. Since he comes, he showed how good he is. Every Soccer10 results show that from season to season he is better.

Dani Olmo in the Croatian national team?

As he said in the interview there was interest from Croatia. But he only wants to play for Spain. In the end, he succeeded. Now we can see him in one of the best national teams in the world. Everyone from the team gives him a nice welcome.


Dani Olmo is the first football player since Cesc Fàbregas who reach the Spanish national team without playing as a senior in some Spanish club. Since he came to Croatia, Dani has only one goal, to become a good football player. Of course, with that, he wants to become a national player.

With a lot of hard work, he manages everything. He has great performance in Dinamo Zagreb. Not to mention that he is one of the most important players in this club, specifically now when they are in the fight for Champions League. Also, he shows a lot for the young Spanish national team.

He finds out that he got a call for a team on a practice. Coach Bjelica gathered all and told everyone the news. Olmo was a little bit in shock because he didn’t expect that but it was really nice. Everyone in the team congratulated him. On Supabets odds you can try to guess how he will play for a national team. One thing is for sure, he will give his best.