Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup is an international championship of one day international
cricket or ODI.

You are probably already familiar with this term as cricket is one of the most popular sports across the world.

To begin with, you might want to know more about the sport itself.

For that reason, we will introduce you to the sport itself and later show you the results.


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What is Cricket Cup?

As shown above, it is an international championship in Cricket. To be exact, that is a One Day International or ODI cricket.

To begin with, the governing body organised the event. That is ICC or International Cricket Council.

The event is being held every four years. Teams have to go through preliminary qualification rounds in order to get in the finals.

At this point, the cricket cup is one of the most viewed sports events in the world.

The first sporting event was already in 1975 in England.

This was a big accomplishment because the first tournament ever played was only four years earlier.

However, women’s cricket tournament was held even two years before the men.

The tournaments were held even before 1912 when they had a triangular tournament of test matches.

They were played between Australia, England and South Africa and the first thee world cups were held in England.

On the whole, from 1987 the tournaments were sharing the obligation of hosting.

In like manner, they split the hosting between fourteen ICC members and everyone had to host at least one match.

The world cup is open to all the members who are in ICC and the highest-ranking are automatically qualified.

After that, the rest of the teams are determined trough the World Cricket Leagues and ICC World Cup Qualifier.

Altogether twenty teams played in eleven editions of the tournament.


On the whole, the first match ever was played against Canada and the United States in 1844.

It was played two days, on 24th and 25th September. However, that was not the first credited match.

Not until 1877, when Australia played against England that there was a first credited Test Match.

The two teams competed for The Ashes which is a Test cricket series played between England and Australia.

After that, in 1889, South Africa was also admitted into the test status.

Above all, cricket was also in the summer Olympics in the 1900 Paris games.

In detail, Great Britain won against France and took the gold medal.

However, that was the only time cricket was ever in the summer Olympics.

The first time the cricket was played internationally in the multilateral competition was in 1912 in the Triangular Tournament.

As shown above, you already know it was played between England, Australia and South Africa.

However, the event wasn’t a success. On the whole, the weather was not appropriate and made the game difficult to play and to watch.

After that event, the cricket was not organised in multilateral series until 1999 in Asian Test Championship.

Over time the number of teams increased so teams like West Indies, New Zealand, India and Pakistan joined the game.

The popularity of one-day international cricket rose in England in 1960s.

Not to mention, the first match was played on the fifth day of Tet Matches that failed to satisfy an angry crowd.

Since then, after the establishment of World Series Cricket, they got their chance on the screen and their popularity grew.

World cup results

To begin with, England was the final winner in the Super Over against New Zealand.

In semi-finals, England won against Austalia by 8 wickets and likewise, New Zealand won against India by 18 runs.

Before that, in ODI 44 of 48, India won by 7 wickets against Sri Lanka.

Just before the semi-finals, South Africa won by 10 runs against Australia in 45 of 48 ODI.

However, let’s start at the beginning of the game to make it a bit more clear.

In the first place, England won against South Africa by 104 runs. After that, the West Indies beat Pakistan by 7 wickets.

Later in the game, Australia won against Afghanistan by 7 wickets and West Indies by 15 runs.

They also won against Pakistan with 41 runs, however, they lost against India by 36 runs.

Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, England and New Zealand didn’t stand a chance against Australia in the first few games.

They started pretty well, however, in the finals everything seems to go wrong and they lost the final game.

When it comes to South Africa, they had a bad start. They lost the overall game with England, Bangladesh, India and New Zealand.

However, they had a few remarkable wins which were Afghanistan by 8 wickets, Sri Lanka by 9 wickets and Australia by 10 runs.

In general, that was unfortunately not enough to get into the semi-finals but they got pretty close to it.

India got their chance to play in the semi-finals but lost against New Zealand by 18 runs.

Not to mention the Pakistan, who also had a bumpy ride to their final game which ended when they lost in 43 out of 48 ODIs.

Women’s cricket world cup

At this point, the International Cricket Council or ICC is organizing the women’s tournaments as well.

Until 2005, the women’s cricket was a separate body. Because of financial issues, they decided to merge with ICC.

International Women’s Cricket Council or in short, IWCC organised the events to that point.

They had their first cup two years before the men’s in 1973 in England.

In the first years, they had a lot of trouble with funding so many teams missed tournaments.

For the same reason, they had gaps between the tournaments, lasting up to six years.

However, they attended the event every four years after they merged with ICC

Five different countries have been hosting eleven events. Both England and India have been hosting 3 times.

At this point, the number of teams is 8 since the 2000s while past years it was 11.

Australia is at this instant, the most successful team while England and New Zealand are just a few steps behind.

India and West Indies have reached the finals couple of times but didn’t manage to win.

In 1934 England toured Australia and New Zealand. At that point, they played international cricket.

England won the first match in this tournament. The only test matches that were played until the 1960s were England, Australia and New Zealand.

After that, South Africa joined in.

In England 1962, women already played the One Day International Cricket. At that time, it was called Limited Over Cricket.

Nine years after that, there was a one-day international cricket tournament for men.

History and results

Already in 1971, there were rumours about holding women’s World Cup.

At the same time, South Africa was not invited because of apartheid laws.

Jack Hayward, the president of English football club, had previously organised the tours for women’s teams.

Later they had drawn out more teams to get numbers so that is how ‘Young England’ and ‘International XI’ came to the game.

Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago teams were also included and later the apologies and invitation came even for South Africa.

However, that invitation was later withdrawn. On the whole, this competition was played like a round-robin tournament.

The last tournament host was England in 2017 and now we have to wait for 2021 to see the next game.

In 2021 New Zealand will be the host for the tournament. Australia won the title 6 times.

However, England is keeping up with winning the title four times.

The last tournament ended with England winning by 9 runs over India.

So far, the thirteen nations have qualified for the women’s cricket cup at least once.

That is if we don’t count the qualification tournaments. Five of those teams have competed in finals and 3 of them won.

The highest score was achieved in the game where Australia won against Denmark 412/3 in 1997.

In detail, Debbie Hockley had the most runs which were 1,501. Lyn Fallston had the most wickets, 39.

However, the highest average had Australia’s player Karen Rolton 74.92.

Cricket world cup winners

This year’s world cup featured 10 teams which were a decrease when comparing it to 2011 and 2015.

The host of this year’s world cup was England. They received an automatic qualification together with 7 other teams.

Shortly after, on 19th September 2017, the results have arrived. The council finally announced which teams are going into the finals.

In like manner, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka entered the competition.

Not to mention, ICC associate and affiliate members could be represented by only 2 teams. That is going in contrast to the previous years when they were automatically qualified.

In case they didn’t win against the lowest-ranking members, they would not even get into the game.

At that point, at least two out of ten test playing nations had to play in the qualifying tournament and could even miss the world cup.

In the first week of the tournament, England won over South Africa despite their bad beginning.

West Indies beat Pakistan by 7 wickets. After that, New Zealand and Australia won by 10 and 7 wickets.

In the third week, Joe Root took two wickets in the winning of England by 8 wickets against West Indies.

However, Jason Roy has been missing out of the game because of injury and that shrivelled the Englands chances.

In the finals, scores were tied on 241 and it was time for Super Over. England relied on Strokes and Buttler putting them on the crease.

At the same time, New Zealand took the Martin Guptill and James Neesham to face Jofra Archer.

While Archer started poorly and New Zealand finished with 15 runs in the Super Over.

However, by combining the overall point, England won the World Cup.

Cricket world cup 2019 fixtures

To begin with, the first match was on May 30th between England and South Africa. It ended fast with England winning by 104 runs.

After that, on May 31st there was a match between West Indies and Pakistan.

On June 1st, there were two matches. In the first place were New Zealand and Sri Lanka and after that, Afghanistan and Australia.

June 2nd was between South Africa and Bangladesh. On the whole, every day was one match between certain teams.

On the following day, there was a game between England and Pakistan.

Day after that was a match between Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. On Wednesday, the 5th, there were two matches.

To be exact, those were South Africa vs India and Bangladesh vs New Zealand.

There were games on that day. One was between Australia and West Indies on June 6th and the other between Pakistan and Sri Lanka on June 7th.

After that, there were two more games on Saturday. First was England vs Bangladesh and then Afghanistan vs New Zealand.

On Saturdays, there were always two games playing while on other days there was usually just one game.

The finals were on July 9th, 11h and 14th. The first game of semi-finals was between New Zealand and India.

After that, there was a game between Australia and England.

In the finals, New Zealand played against England on Sunday.

In case you want a complete list you can find it almost everywhere. Not to mention, you can see the exact times of games.