Could this be a new Mamelodi Sundowns logo?

Could this be a new Mamelodi Sundowns logo?

It’s been a while since Mamelodi Sundowns launched a new logo contest. As it has been speculating for a while about what the new logo will look like, it begs the question of whether it has already been designed. It would be good to check if a famous club revealed a new sign that will make them recognizable.

As part of the 50-year celebration, the club decided to hold a competition. They decided to ask fans to submit their ideas for a new logo look. The winners would thus receive R50 000 for the new design. As the club management recently announced that the contest was closed on twitter, images of what could be a new logo have emerged. It is still speculated that no winner has been declared. Fans can only guess at what the club wanted to say with this announcement.

Mamelodi Sundowns logo

Let’s just remember what it looked like more than three weeks ago. Supporters of the Sundowns Club were invited to participate and make suggestions for design changes. To strengthen and modernize the logo. The Sundowns Club decided to organize this competition as part of the club’s birthday celebration. Words like “The Sky is the Limit” and “Mamelodi Sundowns” must remain part of the logo. Everything else can fluctuate, but these words must remain part of the club.

The management of the club felt that they must retain their colors so far as they are part of the club’s tradition, its history. Fans are invited to give their opinion on the size of the space between the words The Sky is the Limit and Mamelodi Sundowns. Fans were asked to consider moving the two inner circles. It is these two circles that surround words like Mamelodi Sundowns.


It would be good to shorten the length of the tape that has the words The Sky is the Limit. The African Champions League star must be on top of the logo. In addition to these suggestions, all fans are invited to be as creative as possible and to help the club refresh its appearance.

Everyone who wanted to participate had the opportunity until the 9th ​​of October 2019. Anyone who wins, in the end, can look forward to a nice cash prize. Also, they are part of the new tradition of a popular football club. We can’t wait to see Soccer 10 how will the new logo look like.