Comitis agrees with the idea of a salary cap

Comitis agrees with the idea of a salary cap. Cape Town City chairman agrees with the idea of Financial Fair Play regulations. But he mentions that in this case players’ salaries would be affected.

In his interview, Comitis said that many players are vastly overpaid. For that reason, he urged the introduction of a Major League Soccer style salary cap. This regulation is spread around all UEFA tournaments and they are limiting the spending of European Clubs. Those regulations are here to promote fair competition and prevent clubs from going bankrupt chasing on-field success.

Comitis spoke about the salary cap

It will be a hard job to have 16 clubs to cooperate. It will be a hard job to buy only a couple of players. Specifically for the clubs who are used to buy many players. All these changes will have a lot of effect on South African football. There are many clubs in the league that are not profitable. Many owners are putting money from their own pockets.

But all this will have a lot of effect on the salary packages of players. This decision may be right because they inflated salaries in many instances. But on this field payment is balanced. However, here they need to have more dialogue between clubs.


Due to this pandemic, they need to make some changes in the clubs, because sponsors and SuperSport can’t assist them. For that reason, they need to make adjustments. Comitis said that they can’t pay from their own pocket. This will lead them to bankrupt.

For him, it would not be a good idea to cut salaries to some of the players. He has a better idea. As he said, players will need to adjust. For him, the performance-based contracts will be the best things. But in this case, only the players who are playing will get money. If you are playing in the first eleven you will get an extra bonus, and if you don’t play you will not get it.

The main problem in many clubs is the players who are not giving good results for PSL. They got bonuses, even if they are playing on the bench. For Comitis this is not fair.