Giorgio Chiellini saved Juventus

https://twitter.com/juvefcdotcom/status/1243829448601788416?s=20 When Giorgio Chiellini was born in the small Italian town Pisa. No one could have assumed that he would become a footballer and from 2005 to the present, he was leading the Juventus and national...
Jeremie Boga

Chelsea wants to bring Jeremie Boga back to the club

Jeremie Boga is a famous player from Ivory Coast who came to Chelsea as a child from Marseille. It was at the English football school that he taught everything he needed. The...

There is no sport in Italy until April 3, Serie A aborted to

https://twitter.com/brfootball/status/1237127242653798400?s=20 Sports events at all levels in Italy has been suspended until April 3, due to a coronavirus. This information came from the Olympic Committee. All this includes all Serie A football...
Serie A

Chaos in Italy

https://twitter.com/SkySportsNews/status/1235191444589158402?s=20 The Coronavirus has turned Italian football upside down and there is no help. The 2019/20 season in Italy will not have the regularity of the season but is important that it...

Does Boban get fired in Milan?

https://twitter.com/MilanEye/status/1234474958773981184?s=20 Zvonimir Boban and Paolo Maldini will be fired from Milan, that information comes from Italian media. After public criticism at the club owner's expense. The main question is will Boban leave...

Will euro 2020 be canceled due to coronavirus?

https://youtu.be/baKbG4uLaYU The Italian Football Federation has confirmed that the six games in Serie A will be played in front of the empty stands. The cause is an epidemic of coronavirus that...
Will Pep Guardiola go to Juventus FC

Will Pep Guardiola go to Juventus FC

Pep Guardiola Lately, everyone has been writing about unconvincing Manchester City matches. Does that mean the club's leadership is dissatisfied with Pep Guardiola? Will he change the club and go to Juventus FC?...
European clubs

Who owns 10 major European clubs?

https://twitter.com/ManCity/status/1200002788882833408 Such a huge number of football clubs in Europe, but who are the owners of these clubs? There is a huge number of transfers with a huge circulation of money. But...
John Comitis

John Comitis spokes about the new coach

https://twitter.com/CapeTownCityFC/status/1056533884530294789 John Comitis spoke about the mood in the team. Also, he mentions that the mood in the team changed since Jan Olde Riekerink came in the team. Of course, the arrival...
Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo can be punished for leaving the stadium

https://twitter.com/MessiCuIe/status/1193637152455823362 In the game with Lokomotiv, Ronaldo left the game at 1-1. Luckily Juventus managed to win 2-1 by the end of the game. The same story was repeated in the game...
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Pirates finally break the bad result series

https://twitter.com/BlogDady/status/1173066331039469568 Pirates finally break the bad result series. First time after coach Rhulani Mokwena got the position...
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