Cape Town City said goodbye to coach Benni

In the last couple of weeks, we can hear a lot of rumors that Cape Town City will fire the coach Benni. Now, this happened. Cape Town City canceled the contract with a coach Benni McCarthy. Blaming him for a low result in this season.

In the last eleven matches, they won only one game. This statistic includes all competitions. In MTN8 they exit in the first round, the same thing was with Telkom Knockout. Basically, they continue the poor form from the last season.

This decision has an immediate effect. If we look at the past, this decision was expected. Everyone saw that they don’t play well, it was only a matter of time when they will fire him. In the future, we can expect that they will make some changes to the PSL log. The only question is if this change will be better or worse.

Cape Town City thanks Benni for his service

After this decision the club thanks Benni for his service. He was in the club last three years. The club wishes him well in his future, but now he becomes the club’s history. They are proud that he was a part of their club. But now it’s time that they separate.


Right now on a coaching position, we can see assistant coach Vasili Manousakis. He will be in this position until they don’t get a new head coach. For sure in the future, they can expect some excitement. They have some big plans for the future.

Benni comes to this position in June 2017 after Eric Tinkler left this position. In this season they were on the third position with one trophy form the Telkom Knockout. City play to two times in a row in the MTN8 finals. In the first, they lose, but the second one they won.

The only problem he has in the league, here he can’t make one competitive team. In his first season the end up in the fifth position, while in the next season they end up in the fourth position. In his second season, everyone expected that they will be in the fight for the title.

Benni had one great attacking team, but in the defense, they were very bad. If we look in this season they conceded the most goals. Even 15 of them ended in their net. No one can forgive this. This wasn’t the score they expected in this season. The coach needs to have a great strategy if he wants to win. This is not winning from online guide, that will learn you everything. Every coach needs to have a lot of experience to motivate the players.