Can you believe how Lucas Vazquez got hurt

Lucas Vazquez

Lucas Vazquez got hurt in a weird, some will say bizarre way. Did you hear that Lucas Vazquez got hurt while he was in the gym? Allegedly the weight dropped on his leg. It is assumed that the 28-year-old offensive player will have to pause for several weeks. He has already played nine games this season. Vazquez also scored one goal and had one assist.

But Lucas is not the first Spanish player to get hurt in a bizarre way. Marco Asensio had to miss a Champions League game two years ago. What happened? After shaving his legs he got an infection. The greatest tragedy of them all, though, is Santiago Canizares. He missed the 2002 World Cup. While shaving his legs, a bottle of lotion fell on his leg and cut him.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter how all those players got hurt. The problem is they had to pause a few games because of that. While some have had to miss the biggest competitions. Hopefully, luck will serve them more the second time around. Hope they will be more fortunate.

It is unknown how long Lucas will be absent, but he will certainly not play in a match against Real Sociedad, Deportivo Alavés, Paris Saint-Germain. The absence of Vazquez will facilitate Zidane’s decision, which will allow him to invite other players. This refers to players like Brahim Diaz, Vinicius Junior, Gareth Bale. Whether Vazquez’s absence will affect soccer 10 results is yet to be seen. Vazquez played for the Spanish national team at the FIFA World Cup 2018 as well as Euro.


Lucas Vazquez season 2019

Vazquez has played nine games so far. He scored one goal in La Liga against Celta Vigo. He then played in five more La Liga games. But he also failed to score in one of them. In the Champions League, Lucas played against Club Brugge as well as Paris Saint-Germain. In the match against Levante where Real Madrid won 3-2, Lucas got a yellow card.

Vazquez is a professional footballer who plays for the Spanish national team as well as Real Madrid. He started his career at Real and in 2015 made his debut in the first team. He made his debut with La Espanaol in La Liga and won several awards. This refers to the national championship as well as the Champions League.