CAF Champions League

The CAF Champions League has it’s long history, starting back from 1964. In case you are from Africa you are probably familiar with this football competition.

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What is CAF Champions League?

That is an annual continental football competition. It is run by the Confederation of African Football (CAF). Given that, now you know where the name comes from. Furthermore, it is also an equivalent to the UEFA Champions League. With that in mind, you can already conclude that participants are the top club sides from all African soccer leagues.

Correspondingly, that means this is the premier football club competition. However, because of the sponsorship agreement, the full name has an addition which is ‘Total’. The winner in this champions league wins a berth for the FIFA Club World Cup. That is a tournament that is contested between the champion clubs from all six confederations. After that, the winner faces the champions of CAF confederation cup in the following CAF Super Cup. At this point, Egypt is on top of the game. Their Al Ahly SC is the most successful club in competing for history.

So far they won the tournament eight times. Not to mention, Egyptian clubs are generally in the lead by winning the title. Above all, this year is specifically unusual and full of surprises. At this point, the finals are getting interesting. For that reason, don’t miss the rematch on the 28th of July.

Their Early Years

At first, they started as ‘African Cup of Champions Clubs’ back in 1964. The first team who won a trophy was Oryx Douala from Cameroonian. To be exact, they won against Stade Malien from Mali with result 2-1. After that, there was no tournament for a year but they continued in 1966. At the same time, they introduced the two-legged home and away final. That year, the other Malian team, AS Real Bamako played against Stade d’Abidjan.

To sum up, the Bamako won in the home leg 3-1, however, they lost in the away game 4-1 which made d’Abidjan the final winners. Until the year of 1997 nothing changed besides the away goals rule. That is the rule wherein case there are two ties, the team who won more scores in the away game wins. However, in the year of 1997, they decided to follow the movement of the UEFA Champions League. For that reason, they changed their name to the present one and created a League stage. In like manner, they have also set the prizes which were US$ 1 million for the winner and US$ 750.000 for the losing finalist. After that move, they became the richest club competition in Africa.

The new format of the game had 15 preliminary rounds until the last, 16th stage. After that, the winners of 8 leagues of that round would be drawn into mini-leagues made of 4 teams each. At that point, every team had to play two times; once on the home ground and then again, on the home ground of the other team.


In the first place, the competition is open to all of the winners of CAF – affiliated national leagues. Not to mention, in 2004, 12 of the highest-ranking countries also entered the League. At the same time, they made it into a 64-team field. On the whole, those countries have been ranked by their performance in the last 5 years.

At the beginning, there are at least 16 teams that are being chosen. After that, they are separated in groups of 4 and they play against each other for the place in quarter-finals, then semi-finals. In case of victory, of course, the team takes a place in the finals.

CAF champions league 2018 results

To begin with, the winners of this caf league are Espérance Sportive de Tunis Espérance Sportive de Tunis is a football league originated in Tunis. Furthermore, the club was founded on January 15, 1919, in Bab Souika. That is one of the historical gates of Tunisia. At that point, they named the club after the name of a coffeehouse in which founders were frequently meeting each other. Above all, they have a remarkable history behind them. For example, they broke the record by winning the national title four years in a row.

Not to mention, they have 29 Tunisian League wins, 15 Tunisian Cups and even 4 Tunisian Supercups. Even more, they have 3 caf championship league titles. However, Al Ahly is still holding the record of 20 overall titles won. In this tournament, ES Tunis had four winnings and one tie. Al Ahly, on the other hand, had two winnings, one tie and two losses. Club Africain, Mamelodi Sundowns and Horoya were also in the good start being on top of everyone else.

However, that was not even close enough because ES showed a brilliant performance. When it comes to Orlando Pirates, it seems like it wasn’t their year. In case you are waiting for the champions league fixtures, we hope that you are prepared. Espérance Sportive de Tunis is finally playing a rematch against Wydad Casablanca on 28th July at 16:00. We surely hope that you are ready to finally know who will win the championship title.

CAF champions league final

By all means, this is final for the mentioned league. At this point, it is the 55th edition of this tournament that is organised by Confederation African Football. Furthermore, the final has been contested in two-legged and at home and away format among Wydad Casablanca and Espérance Sportive de Tunis. To be exact, the first leg was hosted by Wydad Casablanca at the Stadium in Rabat.

The second leg was accordingly hosted by Espérance de Tunis at Stade Olympique de Radès in Radès. ES Tunis were the winners in the first leg, however, the Wydad Casablanca refused to accept it and followed an issue with VAR. Because of that, they had to do the replay of the game in a neutral venue where they finally decide the champions. In detail, ES Tunis won with the score 1-0 in the 59th minute. After that, Wydad Casablanca scored a goal that was ruled offside by the linesman. However, there was a failure in the video assistant referee (VAR) which made the review of decision impossible.

Wydad Casablanca continued with protest because they firmly believed that the goal was valid. After that, the decision was made that they will mark the act of Casablanca as a forfeit. Correspondingly, ES Tunis has announced the winner and awarded with the title. However, the Wydad Casablanca was not happy with the result and decided to order a replay. For that reason, ES Tunis will have to return all the medals and you will watch a rematch.

Groups of this League

At this point, 56 CAF member associations can enter the champions league. Another key point, the 12 highest-ranking associations can enter with two teams in the competition.So, theoretically, 68 teams could enter into the tournament. However, this number has never been reached.To calculate the points for entering into the tournament, CAF uses a 5-year ranking.

That is analyzing the results from the club performance in the last 5 years. Accordingly to that, they will calculate the points which will determinate the team’s position. For example, the winner needs to have 6 points for champions league and 5 points for confederation cup. Runners up need 5 and 4 points while losing semi-finalists are on 4 and 3.Furthermore, the list goes on to the 4th place in groups which need to have 1 and 0.5 points. To be exact, the points are multiplied by a coefficient correspondingly to the year.

For example, that is 5 for 2017, 4 for 2016 and so on to 2013 which is 1.Four teams received a bye to the first round which was Al Ahly, AS Vita Club, TP Mazembe and Wydad Casablanca. When it comes to the other teams, there were 52 of them altogether. To sum up, they entered only a preliminary round.

CAF champions league live scores

To begin with, in the first round Orlando Pirates played against Platinum with the score 0-0. However, in the second round, they managed to win 3-0 against Horoya. They continued with two ties and two losses. Mazembe started with a win against El Ismaily. After that, they lost against Constantine but managed an 8-0 win against Club African. In round 4,5 and 6 they had 2 ties and one win. Correspondingly, they played quarter-finals and won 4-1 against Simba.

However, in the semi-finals, they lost against Esperance Tunis. Mamelodi Sundowns have managed to get to the semi-finals but there they ended up with a loss and a tie. In contrast to that, in quarter-finals, they won 5-0 against Al Ahly. However, they later managed to bring them down after all. Not to mention, Al Ahly is one of the teams that even broke records and even carry the title of the most successful club in this champions league.

For that reason, Mamelodi sundowns winning 5-0 against them is a real success. Espérance de Tunis firstly started with a tie, however, they continued to win one game after another. In summary, they ended up two ties and 6 wins which straightaway pushed them into the finals. Of course, many expected Al Ahly to accomplish much better results. However, this is the third title for ES Tunis so it wasn’t such a surprise to see them in finals.

Champions league standings

As shown above, you can already get an approximate image of teams standings. In the first place, there is Mamelodi Sundowns player Themba Zwane with 4 goals. That is if we take into account only the midfielders. In the second place, there is Saoura with player Yahia Cherif with 3 goals. To be exact, nine teams share the second place. Some of them are Mazembe, Simba, Wydad. Al Ahly and Orlando Pirates.

When it comes to the defenders specifically, Mazembe is in the lead with Kevin Mondeko Zatu. And then again, there is forward who is in the glamorous position. In the first place for that position, there is Yahia Cherif from Saoura team. Now that said, let’s take into account all of the positions and teams together. In the very last place, there is Nassim Yettou from Constantine with only one goal scored.

However, he is sharing this place with as many as 50 players. Starting from Chico Ushindi from Mazembe, and Adem Rejaibi from Esperance Tunis. Then again, Augustine Mulenga from Orlando Pirates and Amr Soleya from Al Ahly. Thapelo Morena, Emiliano Tade, Lebohang Kgosana Maboe, Mosa Lebusa and Anthony Laffor are all players from Mamelodi Sundowns who also share that place. On the whole, Al Ahly had 5 players who shared that place and those were, besides Soleya Amr, Mohsen, Maher, Ajayi and El Shahat. Not to mention, Mamelodi Sundowns had no luck with the forward players. However, if you look at Esperance Tunis you will see that they are not much ahead when it comes to that. One of their forwards managed to get one goal and another two altogether.