Bjelica is hiding Dinamo’s biggest problem. Until when?

Under the leadership of Nenad Bjelica, Dinamo has become a serious European team. A tactically flexible team, who can adapt to any rival. But even the team like this has one problem, even Nenad Bjelica failed to find a solution for that problem. Dinamo’s right back Petar Stojanovic is their weak point.

In every possible statistic categories for defenders, he is below the average of the Champions League. He is only good in the seized balls. But this is more because of the system of the game. The team has more freedom to play.

In the game against Shakhtar, most of the attacks came from the side of Stojanovic. Most of the problems for Dinamo came behind his back. Before two seasons, Sevilla uses the same player to make a lot of chances from that side.

Bjelica protected his weak spot by setting up his team. A couple of players have specific roles to help Stojanovic. That is the main reason why he looks better than in previous years. Last Champions League game showed why we have a problem on this side.


In the winter transfer period, Dinamo will need to do something about that. Try to put a bet on this. Maybe you will get Betway South Africa maximum payout.

Bjelica need to find another solution

Stojanovic is not a bad player. But he has one big problem, he doesn’t know how to recognize the situation on the ground. Even when he succeeds, it is usually too late. Then it’s hard to fix the error.

The physical predispositions in the Champions League are high for almost all players, the only difference is the ability to process data quickly. This is where we find the difference between Stojanovic and high-end backs. He thinks too slowly, for that reason he often makes unnecessary fouls.

In the four seasons in Dinamo, he didn’t show to much. On this position played Ivo Pinto, but he is too old for a long-term solution. In the next transfer period, this position is their priority. Until that Bjelica needs to figure out how to cover this position. Right now only a good solution was 5-3-2 formation of the game. But for how long they can play this formation? Future Soccer10 matches will show us a lot of great games. Dinamo finally has a chance to show something, but they will need to find a solution to their problems.