Betway South Africa

Betway is one of the fastest growing online bookmakers in South Africa and it’s on a good track to become the favourite. Founded in 2006, the brand grew stronger over the last few years, attracting more users each day. In this text, we are going to have a closer look into some of their features, bonuses, promotions and more. We will dig into the reviews as well, so you can get the big picture from different points of view.

Betway South Africa is backed by the popular Betway UK brand which gives it a lot of credibilities. It is a great brand for any bookmaker to piggyback off of, even though Betway started to show its muscle. At this point, Betway is investing a lot in marketing so it is very likely that you will see their TV ad on SuperSport as well. As they grow they are also putting effort to improve their service which is something that Betway is well known for doing.

You can easily download the Betway App from their main page and it is available for both iOS and Android. The main advantage of this app is its simplicity. It is easy to understand and use even to the ones who aren’t frequently using technology. Read the following text to get familiar with the website. There are also instructions included on how to make your account, verify it and fund it. You can easily find the point of your interest in the table of contents.

How do I join Betway South Africa?

First of all, you need to find a Betway South Africa website on your computer or phone. Then, you need to register on the site and make an account. The Betway register button will be on the top of the page – automatically directing you to the registration window. When you choose to register, you will need to give your basic information like your first and last name, phone number, email and create your unique password for this account.


You might be confused by the field which says ‘sign up code’. It is not needed for entry so you can continue your registration without it. However, if you do have one, for example, BSB01, you can use it but as said, it is not necessary. Click next to continue.

In the next step, you will need to specify your personal information like your ID number or your Passport number. Underneath that, you will need to choose your date of birth and source of funds for betting transactions. Now that sources might be your salary or something else where you earned a legal profit. Make sure that all of your information is correct as your Fics documents will need to reflect the exact information.

After you entered and checked your personal information, you need to check the terms and conditions box and click Register. Now, your account has been created and all you need to do is – send in the Fica documents to Betway for verification. You can do that by sending them to [email protected] Your entire registration is completed but you are still one step from placing a bet as you need to fund your account before placing any bets. You can do that by clicking on My Account and then selecting the deposit method which suits you best.

Betway Account Verification

Before you can start withdrawing funds from your Betway account, you need to verify your personal details. This verification is proof of identity. You should complete the verification process as soon as you sign in because your account will be useless without it. If you take care of this part right away, you will be able to make a withdrawal request immediately.

To prove your name, address and the date of birth, you will need to prepare acceptable identity documentation such as; copy of your passport or ID, copy of your driver’s licence, copy of a recent utility bill (like water or electricity bill), copy of credit card statement and copy of recent bank statement.

An important note here is that your bill, credit card statement and bank statement should not be older than three months. Your credit card and bank statements must relate to the account of the financial institution you used to deposit funds. Betway will run an identity check as proof of age. You don’t need to provide any documents for further check besides these above.

For residents of the United Kingdom, if age is not confirmed within 72 hours, their account will be frozen without betting permitted until their age is verified. If it is determined that you are under age and not permitter to bet by law, all deposits you made will be refunded and then returned to your banking accounts. All of your winnings will also be voided and your Betway account will be closed. As soon as you verify your info, you will be able to withdraw funds from your account.

Betway Login

If you successfully finished the two steps above, registration and verification, you should be able to use your account and place bets. Betway sign up instructions are just above in the text. In general, the page and app are simple to use so you shouldn’t have any troubles with that. In case you do, you can always contact the customer service which will give you additional help and guidance.

While logging into the page, make sure you clicked on the ‘sing in’ button rather than ‘register’ one. There should be two fields where you should enter your username and password. If everything is ok, you will be logged into your account and you can withdraw your money right away. Make sure you fund your account before you try to place a bet. If you have any gambling issues, you can contact the Customer Support and they will help you to solve the issue.

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How to deposit at Betway South Africa?

If you are not sure how to make a deposit, don’t worry because we will guide you through it. There are also different deposit options available, which will all be explained further in the text. If this is your first deposit, you can claim up to R 1000 in betway free bet. There are numerous options for the deposit on Betway, so we will start from the first one on the list.

If you are using Airtel, just dial *185# on your phone. When the menu opens, select PayBill option and then select Others option. Enter Airtel Business no. 550226 then enter the amount you wish to deposit. The minimum is R 500. Enter the reference no. BETWAY. Now, you will need to enter your PIN to confirm the deposit. You will receive SMS that will inform you that transaction is confirmed.

For MTN Mobile Money it is pretty much the same but instead 185, you dial *165#. You select the Payments option, next to the Goods and Services. The merchant code is BETWAY as well as reference. The minimum amount is as well as R 500. If you are using a VISA or MasterCard, then you are approaching this like any other online shopping procedure.

With Ipay or SID, the procedure is plain and simple. Instant EFT options are available to customers, all tried and tested. There is one more popular payment method which is an OTT Voucher. It is a payment token which allows you to pay, deposit and top up online service providers. It is used in the same way as airtime voucher but it is accepted by many different companies besides Betway.

How do I buy a Betway voucher Stores?

How and where to buy betway voucher? You can buy them almost anywhere, in Boxer Stores, glocell and other participating outlets. Don’t forget to ask for an OTT voucher because that is the one you are looking for. So, what is a betting voucher?

It is a pre-paid airtime system that gives you the ability to transfer your money into the online world, to pay your service providers. The minimum amount of pre-paid voucher for Betway South Africa is R 10 and the maximum is R 5000. After buying the voucher, the subscriber must log into the Betway website and then go to the OTT option. That will open up a box and a punter will simply put in voucher number.

The use of vouchers in South Africa is growing and in a diverse money-sending industry, the voucher system is intended for punters who are not comfortable with banking online. OTT vouchers are especially attractive to people who use their mobile phones to place bets, as the pre-paid system is familiar and easy to use. Some of the players who are not internet savvy will also prefer this system.

Everything with the voucher works normal and your winnings and balances can go directly to your account as usual. Betway South Africa is purely online operated so there are no outlets to cash out your winnings. For any questions, the Betway SA customer service is always available.

Customer Service

You can contact the customer service via email; [email protected] Betway customer service is also available on the phone line under the number +44 808 238 9841. Betway is highly committed to doing everything in their power to give it’s customers an enjoyable gaming experience. You can enjoy safe and manageable play with full support.

For any assistance in identifying your problematic gambling behaviour, you can find help within terms and conditions on the page. Betway is aware that gambling can be a big issue for a minority of individuals and they are offering help and solutions. If someone you know has gambling issues, you can also address your concern. Betway is taking all actions to ensure the identity of players.

This is extremely important because they want to ensure that only people of legal age are participants. For that reason, you are asked to include copies of your identification documents. However, the legal age varies from country to country so you need to check the rules in your area to be sure if you can participate. Customer Service is available from Monday to Sunday, from 8 a.m. to Midnight.

How do I download the Betway App?

It is very easy to download the Betway Betting App and we will explain the process. First of all, you need to find their main page where you can download the app, or click here. Choose iOS or Android and simply click on the download button. If you are downloading it for Android, you will receive a message about security, reporting that your download is blocked. When you get this information, go to settings and look for ‘unknown sources’.

You need to activate the unknown sources feature within the settings menu to allow the .apk file to proceed with the installation. After you installed the app, you can go and log in or register into Betway. Betway registration will only be necessary if you don’t have an account. Now, how to install the App on iOS?

You can find it in the Apple App Store, just pick your magnifying glass and search for it. Once you found it, simply click on the ‘Get’ button which is right next to the Betway iOS App. Confirm that you allow the file to install and wait for the process to finish. You will immediately be able to use this app and log into Betway.

How do I withdraw money from Betway South Africa?

Betway has both Cash Out and Partial Cash Out feature so now you can have even more control over your bets than before. Betway Cash Out is a real-time bet settlement feature where you can have full control. Whenever the Cash Out button is displayed, you can opt to take your winnings or cut in your losses before the event ends.

You can cash out online over your mobile phone trough the betway mobile app. If you want only the partial Cash Out, you can select a proportion of your Cash out the offering and leave the remainder of your stake to be settled once all events have finished. You can easily find the feature within the Cash Out option, just select the icon to open the Partial Cash Out slider bar.

If you want to see how much can you draw, the exact amount will be shown in ‘My Bets’. On some occasions, you can find the Cash Out feature is being suspended. That may be during a critical moment in events such as ‘Break Point’ in a tennis match or dangerous attack in a football game. It is done specifically to reflect the suspension of an event’s live markets and until those markets resume, everything will be disabled.

Important note; if you placed multiple bets, then only one selection would need to be suspended for the full Cash Out service to be disabled at that particular moment. Cash Out option is valid on single, multiple and even system bets. You can Cash Out while using a free bet but the offer will take that into consideration. Keep in mind Cashed Out bets don’t qualify for the Betway Club.

Deposit Limits

On Betway, you can take full control over your finances with setting your own preferred deposit limits. Betway Deposit limits are here for the people that want to control their spending on the online gaming sites as we all tend to get carried away with it sometimes. Now, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can set your deposit limits during particular periods.

Those are daily which is set from 0:00 GMT to 23:59 GMT. You can set it weekly, from Monday to Sunday and Monthly which is going by calendar month. On your request, the deposit limits can be decreased, increased or removed entirely. An increase or complete removal of your deposit limits will take effect after a 24-hour cooling-off period. However, if you ask for a decrease, it will instantly be applied.

For any requests about deposit limits, you can contact the Customer Service through their support email, live chat or with their phone number as stated above. Betway betting is safe for everyone as it offers help to everyone that might have troubles controlling their behaviour. If you know anyone with gambling problems using betway, you can feel free to report the problem.

Need a Break from Gambling?

In case you want a short break from gambling or feel concerned about your gambling behaviour, you can do that with ease. Many people’s circumstances change, whether personal or financial. If you can no longer participate in the betway matches today safely, you are advised to use this option. The break can be requested for a period of 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, one week, two weeks, or 30 days. There is also the option of indefinite break or exclusion.

When you ask for exclusion, the necessary measures will be taken to block your access to Betway and all brands managed by the Betway Limited. In case of indefinite exclusion, you will be contacted later to view any remaining funds held in your account to get a refund. Minimum refund value is 10 GBP/EUR/USD/CAD or other currency that applies in your area. You will immediately be put in contact with a specialist gambling organisation.

Important notice; Upon a definite Exclusion period expiring, your account will remain blocked unlike in the event of an Indefinite Exclusion. You will need to make a request to revoke your status and get your account access back. Once you opt for indefinite exclusion, a minimum exclusion will be at least 6 months. If you want your account re-woked sooner than that, you will have to make a request which will then be reviewed. Access to your account might be granted following a 7-day cooling-off period.

Betway Jackpot

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The fact that it is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission, which are the strictest in the world, says a lot about the current business policy. This allows Betway to provide the services in many countries across the world, including many European countries as well. Doing business in the UK shows that they are among top providers.