Bernardo Silva received £ 50,000 fines and one match off

Bernardo Silva received a £50,000 fine and he will not play the one match because of racism. He makes a joke with his teammate Benjamin Mendy, but some interpreted that as a racist insulting.

In the mid-September the Manchester City start post on Twitter a photo of Mendy as a boy, alongside with a dark-skinned cartoon character. This cartoon character is a trademark of the famous Spanish candy brand Conguitos. Under this post, he writes “Guess who this is?”

Benjamin Mandy was not insulted with this post, in fact, he responded to his a teammate with a few laughing emoticons. With all that he continues to make a joke about that. He also writes a message: “1-0 for you, but we’ll see.”

From all this, we can see that they make a joke, but someone interpreted that in a different way. For that reason, he is punished. On Betway sport you can try to predict how they will play in the next game when they will be without a Bernardo Silva.


Punishment for Bernardo Silva

It was obvious that the Portuguese and French players were joking. But Bernardo received a lot of insults in this situation. With that a lot of criticism, because in the opinion of many he offended Mendy. This Tweet also came to the leadership of the English Federation. They announced the investigation. Even though the Portuguese player did not think anything wrong. Both of these players make a joke from that situation. But others didn’t think like that.

After this situation, Bernardo wrote on Twitter that he can’t even joke with friends at those times. Now he finds out that he will be punished because of this situation.

The Manchester City player has violated the rule E3, which penalizes any racist behavior or conduct that violates the reputation of the Premier League or sport in general. Any publication that directly or indirectly contains a reference to the racism of any form. For that reason, he is punished because he is breaking that rule.

He could be off for six matches, but the punishment was reduced to one match only. They make this decision only because he publishes this on social media. He didn’t speak about this during matches or any official activities. This could make some problems in the future Soccer10 results. Sometimes one game without one of the important players can have a lot of effect on the whole team.