Benzema wants to change the national team

President of the French Football Federation, Noel Le Graet told Karim Benzema that his doors for a national team are closed forever. But after that, Karim made a public call.

In this public statement, he told Noel that he thought that he can’t interfere with a coaching job. Also, he said that he is the only one who can finish his national career. If he thinks that he is over, he should let him play for another national team.

Benzema is not playing for France since 2015. He was out of the national team after a scandal in which he blackmailed his teammate Mathieu Valbuena with sexy shots. From that time he was out from the team and hasn’t been called since then.

Benzema never admitted these charges, he accused Valbuena that he making up everything. Now Benzema is seeking to be allowed to play for another national team.


Can Benzema play for another team

There is a way how Benzema could leave France forever after all problems with Valbuena. He could become a player of some other national team. Actually, a player of Algeria, because his parents are from there.

According to the Supabets, until now he played in 81 games for France. Most of those meetings were official games. Al this process of changing countries will last for too long.

In the first place, French authorities will need to take his current passport. After that, he has to submit a written request to change the nationality to the same authorities. But in this case, Algeria would have to do the same. Only then, if France agrees he could change the nationality.

If Benzema succeeds in his plan, he would join a couple more players who played for two nations. Some of these players are Diego Costa, Asmir Begovic, Neven Subotic, Thiago Motta, Alfredo Di Stefano. From all these players only Thiago Motta made appearances for both national teams in official matches.

Maybe he will have an opportunity to play for other nations. But this will be one long process. It will be easier for him to try to fix all relationships with the French Football Federation. Maybe then he will get the opportunity to play for France.