Benni accused his players of a sloppy defending

Cape Town City FC plays its last game on Saturday 14, against SuperSport United. This match ends up without a winner. But after the game, Benni McCarthy slammed his players for the sloppy defending. Although they scored three goals, this wasn’t enough for the win. SuperSport United scores three goals.

At the end of the game, we were without winners. They want to win in this game, but they didn’t. Because of that, we can see them in the 10th position on the PSL log. Cape Town City FC plays his next match on September 22 against Golden Arrows. Until now, the better score has Golden Arrows. They manage to win more times against Cape Town City FC.

Does Benni have a problem with his team?

Injured central defender Taariq Fielies is missing in the team. Benni will not be afraid to trow the Bafana in the fire. He had a long day off, said Benni. The Cape Town City FC head coach mentions that when you play at this level in PSL, you can’t allow yourself to be sloppy or you will be punished.

Everyone waits for Taariq to come back from the injury. The coach said that he will put him right away in the first eleven. From now he doesn’t wait for someone to make a mistake. It looks like he is angry and disappointed in his team. Specifically in some of them which are in the comfort zone. When you are without so many players, other ones know that they will be in the first eleven no matter what.


If we listen to the coach Benni, when injured players came back in the team, they will be in the first eleven. They are knocked out of the MTN8. If they want the title, they can’t play like that. No one can force them to play. The coach said that he can go to the dressing room and beat them. He wishes to put some boxing gloves on the hands and go through a few of them. Maybe this will wake them out. Who knows?

This team has a great opportunity, but it looks like players don’t realize that. We can see so many young boys who are dying for an opportunity like this. It looks like for them this isn’t important. If you want to find how their next match will end, or other teams will play, visit Soccer10, here you can find all the fresh sports news.