Ben Motshwari is Covid-19 positive

Ben Motshwari is currently in-home isolation for the next 14 days. He is the first Premier Soccer League football player positive on this virus. Clubs give this information on their official site. In this announcement, the club detailed the measures which are taken to protect all the people who are in the contact with him.

In Orlando Pirates, Ben is one of the most important players. His first symptoms were as the flu, but he had a test and it was positive. He is currently in home isolation for the next 14 days. But after that 14 days, he will need to have a negative test, only like that he will be out of home isolation.

Everyone is informed about this situation, and in this time community health is the highest priority. Orlando Pirates announced also, that every player needs to inform the doctors of all people he was in contact with. Only like that, he can be secure that all of them will be tested. Everyone should continue to practicing safe and healthy measures, to secure spreading the infection.

Club announced that they always wash their hands, and wear the mask in public. Take care of social distancing. Before a month ago, the 2019/20 PSL season was suspended because of a pandemic.


President’s advice to Ben Motshwari

The main sports figure in South Africa gives support to Ben Motshwari. He is the first football player who becomes positive on COVID-19 since the virus hit to country. But he wasn’t the first person related to the sport infected. The first infected person in the sports world was Netball SA president Cecilia Molokwane. She got infected after she travels to the United Kingdom.

President said that in a situation like this you only need to be mentally strong. Ben will need to have a lot of support because everyone will be looking at him. For that reason, he needs to be mentally strong and positive.

He will need to follow some rules, to get well. But in the end, this will bring good Soccer10 results for him and everyone around him. All this hard time will go away, and he will get back stronger than ever.