Belarus football took the spotlight – watch them LIVE

Belarus football is the only one drawing something positive from this time of the pandemic. All other football competitions across the globe have been cancelled. There is no player on the field, no training, everyone has been sent home – but not Belarus. They won’t let the pandemic stop them.

For that reason, they caught worldwide attention of fans who are hungry for some live action. The Belarusian authorities dismissed this pandemic as a ‘psychosis’. There is no official lockdown of the country and they are not reinforcing any measures in this matter.

They are convinced that the media started all of this by spreading the panic and fear of COVID-19. The total number of deaths related to this virus is around 43 000 on a global scale. However, every year from the flu we know there are around 500 000 deaths worldwide. So, those numbers might help us understand their decisions.

Belarus confirmed a first death caused by the virus but it is estimated that the unofficial number is a lot higher. That doesn’t seem to worry about the Belarus government or people who are just going on with their lives as most of the world is in state of crisis. The world union for football players, Fifpro claims that this is not how they should deal with this situation. They believe that this situation is unacceptable and irresponsible.


Belarus government not taking any measures regarding the COVID-19

However, the Belarus Premier League – which you might never even heard of is gaining more popularity. Not just from their residents, but people across the globe who just want to watch a fresh football game. One team is especially standing out in here – the FC Slutsk.

Slutsk is from Minsk Region and they just got their first chance to steal the spotlight. Despite their mixed start to this season, with one win and one defeat, they are already able to boast about achievements. The FK Slutsk Worldwide Facebook group is gathering more fans each day, with fans from all across the globe.

Since the first death case of coronavirus was confirmed in Belarus, there were concerns that championship might be delayed. The victim of the virus was a 75-year-old Belarusian actor who suffered other chronic illnesses as well. The media in Belarus is raging and while some claim that authorities are hiding the real number of deaths, the other side is sticking with their decisions.

In general, it seems that people are not worried but they still take measures of precaution. They keep on distance and try not to cough or touch each other too much. Is this a critical situation or not? We will know soon enough. Be ready when the season continues with soccer 10 fixture tips! For now, you can follow the Belarus games live from Youtube.