Bayern doesn’t want a Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho should return from a loan from Bayern to Barcelona this summer. The Bavarians paid him nine million euros last summer. They have the possibility to buy his contract, but it looks like they don’t want him, and they will return the Brazilian to the Nou Camp.

Coutinho didn’t justify even the one cent of 145 million euros that Barcelona paid for him. They buy him from Liverpool in 2018. But he didn’t show too much in Munich either. Once he comes back to the Nou Camp, the 27-year-old player will need to fight for his place in the first team. So far he didn’t show to much.

Luckily for him he has a good chance to end in the Arsenal. New Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta is a big fan of this player, and he wants to do everything to bring him to the club.

Barcelona don’t want Philippe Coutinho back

According to the media, Arsenal already contacted the player’s manager Kio Joorbachian and they believe that they will be able to bring him to the club. Coutinho’s contract with Barcelona is until 2023. But now they are hoping that his sale will bring at least a larger part of the amount they spend on him.


In recent times he is in such a good form, and with a coronavirus crisis it’s clear that Barcelona will not be able to get as much as they want for him. Before a couple of weeks, the English media wrote that Barcelona wants 85 million euros for the Brazilian player. However, it’s clear that they will reduce the price to acceptable levels. Arsenal wants to bring him for less money.

Even if he didn’t show such good Soccer10 results in recent times Arsenal is not the only interested club for this player. According to some information, Chelsea is also interested. But Arsenal is much closer to bring these players in their lines. They want to have better players in their lines, and better results. Now they are in the 9th position, and they can’t be happy with this result.