Bayern announced the date of Bundesliga start

This week Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder, North Rhine-Westphalia Prime Minister Armin Laschet, and DFL CEO Christian Seifert concluded that Bundesliga could continue even in May 9th. However, there is a huge possibility that the season will start on May 9th. But that game will be played without spectators. Above all, weekends with football matches are much better than weekends without them. If they want to start the Bundesliga they will need to get a green light from the Robert Koch Institute.

Minister Boris Pistorius said almost the same thing in a statement. He added that the return of the sport could be at the beginning of May. But this will happen only if the situation with coronavirus doesn’t become worse.

Sports ministers of all German provinces had a phone conference, and after that, they make this announcement. The ministers will make a form for a video conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel which will be on April 30 with all prime ministers. At that conference, they will talk about the measures which will be implemented from May 3.

Bayern director Karl-Heinz Rummenigge can’t wait that Bundesliga start

For him, this statement is a positive signal that there is a good chance that the Bundesliga will continue. Besides, it’s important that they follow all regulations from the political, legal and medical guidelines. Only like that, they can reduce the health risk. In his statement, he thanks the DFL administration, led by Christian Seifert, on an excellent concept that fully takes into account organizational and medical aspects, which is the basis for a positive and reliable assessment of the situation.


After this week we can see softening measures in Germany where smaller shops can work again. Right now German clubs are hoping that they could continue the competition early in May. They stop to play in mid-March. They have nine more rounds to play in the German Championship.

Now they will need to discuss possible scenarios for the continuation of the competition. However, the leadership of the German Football League and representatives of 36 clubs of the First and Second Bundesliga will need to talk about the possible scenario. Maybe this will not bring good Soccer10 results for some clubs, but at least they will finish the season.