Bale celebrated victory with a flag that flushes Real

Gareth Bale has made another move that has caused resentment with Real fans. The captain of Wales celebrated his placement in the Euro, with the flag. But the flag was not a problem, the main problem was in the text on this flag. According to the Spanish media, he trolls his club. The club spent over 200 million euros on him.

“Wales. Golf. Madrid” writes on the Wales flag. All this indicates a list of his priorities. Bale is a very specific character. He plays for some time in the club, but until now he didn’t integrate in Spain, Madrid, and Real. For that reason, many think that for him at first place in Wales, then golf, while Real is on the last spot.

This sentence came from the Predrag Mijatovic, but this statement attracted a lot of attention not only in Spain. Now Wales fans, but also players turned this into a slogan. They have been shouting this at the last two national team games in the Euro2020 qualifications.

In addition, they made a flag with a list of Bale’s life priorities. When players celebrate victory, this flag came to the Bale who enthusiastically celebrated his departure for the Euro. This was the last, but also the worst Bale’s move towards Real. It looks like the Welshman loves to irritate Madrid fans. Even with Soccer10 predictions, we can predict that this will not be the last time he makes something like this.


Bale in Real Madrid

The last time when he played for Real was October 5, after which he was allegedly injured. But is interesting that he was injured but he played in three games in the first eleven for Wales.

His bizarre injury makes him unable to play for the Real but doesn’t bother him when he needs to play for Wales. Spanish media make a sarcastic headline “Wonderful cure in Wales.” After the game, Welsh journalists ask him to make a comment on sarcasm from Spanish media. But he didn’t want to make any comment on this. He only said that he heard something, but he didn’t pay attention.

When he will be ready, he will play, no matter if he is in Wales or in Real. But Real fans are angry at Bale. Specifically now after his celebration. Fans become very angry, many of them don’t want to see him in the club anymore.