Atlético Madrid; Héctor Herrera completing the comeback

Atlético Madrid went from 2-0 down to a 2-2 draw with Juventus. When clock showed 89.30, Kieran Trippier’s corner bent into the area and Héctor Herrera leapt to head the ball into the net. Herrera is a late substitute who made his debut in the competition. The fans were louder than ever, celebrating the moment. Diego Simeone was screaming with supporters shouting along.

You can say that European season was opened in the best possible way. Christiano Ronaldo flashed a shot that was wide deep into injury time but didn’t manage to score. The most unexpectedly, Juan Cuadrado, Blaise Matuidi, Stefan Savic and Herrera did score. This game was far from expectations so there could be many more surprises in this season.

There was only one player left from the night when Liverpool won the European Cup and Kieran Trippier probably enjoyed this. The game was by his taste as well as his part in dramatic equaliser. Chirstiano Ronaldo should be in front of him but ended behind him for most of the time. For all the clichés about Atlético, Kieran’s duties were far from solely defensive. Diego Simone pushes his full back’s very high and wide, sought out early and often.

Atlético Madrid saving the game

Five minutes into the game, there have been four crosses. Kieran Trippier made two just like Renan Lodi. The other side continued the pattern. Lodi ran at Juventus while Trippier tended to sneak in behind Alex Sandro and pair became the focus of the opening 45 minutes as Atlético took over the lead. The game didn’t really take off until the second half and one amazing save came from Wojciech Szczesny. João Félix started a superb run 20 yards inside his own half with five opponents around him. He had just enough space to shoot while opponents progressed into the area. The former Arsenal keeper, with his left, was down sharply.


Two minutes into the second half, the first goal came. Kieran Trippier slotted into Costa but lost. Leonardo Bonucci bent a long pass up the left and with the outside of his boot, just outside his own area. Gonzalo Higuaín was racing away while Ronaldo was running to join him. Cuadrado and Ronaldo sent Sandro away and his cross was perfect which was an invitation that Matuidi accepted, heading past Jan Oblak.

Hope returned fast while Savic headed in from Koke’s free kick. Giménez’s knock back was there to set the final 20 minutes. Higuaín’s shot was saved by Oblak and Matuidi’s follow-up was cleared off the line by Trippier. Vitolo forced Szczesny to push over and Atlético appealed for a penalty but the referee only gave yellow card to Costa. In the 90th row, there were two more chances yet and Ronaldo didn’t score his but Herrera did. Find out more about UEFA Champions league on Soccer10. Check the Champions League fixtures to get ready for the next game.