Atalanta fans: club has to give up on Serie A

Bergamo and Lombardy suffered the most chaos during the coronavirus pandemic in Italy. One club from that part is the most affected, and that is Atalanta. In that part of Italy, we can see thousands dead and thousands of infected.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, sport is paralyzed. Domestic and International competitions are shot down, and even the Olympic Games and Euro 2020 are postponed. However, leaders of the strongest football leagues in Europe are hoping that there is at least a chance that the competitions will be done by the end of the season.

But Atalanta’s fans are strictly against this decision. They send an open letter to the club president Antoni Percassi demanding that the club give up on all competitions this season. Even if there is decided that football can be played again.

Fans are thinking that there is no place for football in the city which is one of the most affected by this virus. They are thinking that for Atalanta the championship is over. Many of Atalanta’s fans got this virus, and also many of them lose someone from this virus. For them, there is no sense to play any matches. One day they will win Scudetto, but now is not that time.


Atalanta – Valencia match spread coronavirus

Many experts think that the first match of the eight finals of Champions League played on San Siro between Atalanta and Valencia was guilty of this rapid spread of this virus in Bergamo. Today this has catastrophic consequences for this city in northern Italy.

If we look at the Soccer10 archive, that day almost half of Bergamo went on this match which was played in Milan. Many fans come by cars, trains, and buses. Almost 40.000 people were in one place. Atalanta in this match won, and many fans were hugging and celebrating this victory.

There is a lot of theories. But many say that this match was a biological bomb. After this match, nothing was the same anymore. We can’t tell that this is true, but there is a huge possibility that this is true.