Arsenal wants to Xhaka leave the club

After Xhaka stayed without a captain’s tape, now Arsenal want’s to get rid of him. Arsenal is ready to offer Granit Xhaka to Bundesliga clubs in January. All this happen after midfielder showed that he doesn’t see his future in London.

Xhaka lost his captain’s tape after a situation in the game against Crystal Palace. If we look at Soccer10 results, in this game Arsenal played draw with them. After the coach takes him out form the game, he makes one reaction which puts him on the front pages of all English media.

At that moment Xhaka lost his nerve, angrily stripped his jersey. Fans start to protest, but he put his hand on his ear provoking fans to protest even louder. That wasn’t enough, he went a step further when he told fans some ugly words. After that, he walked to the locker room without saying goodbye to his teammates.

After that incident, Emery unofficially kicked him out of the squad. He didn’t play in any game after this incident. But now they went even step further, they want to get rid of him.


There is a couple of potential buyers from Bundesliga. This should not be a problem for him, because he already played in the Bundesliga for M’Gladbach. He would not have a problem to adapt to the environment.

But in the meantime, it seems that Xhaka has changed his mind, that now he wants to stay in London. After all, it will be a miracle if he will succeed in his plan. If the club decided to get rid of him it will be hard to fight against the will of the club.

Bad changes in the club for Xhaka

In the club, we can see some bad changes for Xhaka. After all this situation, they decided to bring some new players in the new transfer period. Besides, Arsenal is interested in bringing Dave Harrison. Lyndon Tomlinson from Manchester United. These two players are one of the biggest young talents from the Old Trafford club.

Also, they make some changes in their scouting network. They will work on restructuring, one of the biggest changes will be that they will replace Steve Morrow with Joe Shield. Before he worked for Manchester City.

Winning is not an easy job. You can’t just use winning from online guide. If you have problems with your team, then this is even harder. Right now they are making everything for peace in the team.