Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC is a professional football club based in London. As a matter of fact, they play in the Premier League and they are one of the top clubs in England. Not to mention that they won 13 Leauge titles, 2 Leauge Cups, 15 FA Community Shields, 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and a couple more. And most important they have a record of 13 FA Cup winners.

All in all, they were the first club from the south in The Football League in 1893. But in the first division, they come in 1904. Not to mention that they play in the second division only once and that was in 1913. As a matter of fact, at the end of the century, they have the highest average league position.

Above all, they win their first national trophies with Herbert Chapman, but he died early. However, he helps a lot with introducing the floodlights, shirt numbers, and WM formations. Arsene Wenger was the longest coach and in his coaching period, he wins the most trophies. For example, he won 7 FA Cups. Not to mention that he was a coach who wasn’t defeated for 49 games. For sure we can say that this is a League record.

In history, they have different names. As a matter of fact, the club was founded as Dial Square. But later they change the name. In any case, they are the ninth highest-earning football club in the world and their fan base is the fifth largest in the world.


Changing names (1886–1919)

In 1886, David Danskin and 15 workers in Woolwich formed the club. But in the beginning, they give him a name Dial Square. His first home was Plumstead Common. But most of their time they play on the other side of London at Manor Ground.

As a matter of fact, they win their first trophies in 1890. and in 1891. And this was the only trophies that they win in South East London. However, in 1891. they become the first club which starts to play professional football. Under those circumstances, they change their name for the second time in 1893.

After this year they were the first southern member of the Football League. But all this drive them in the bankrupt in 1910. Later in 1913, they move to the other stadium in Highbury. In this case, they change the club name for the third time. Since that change, they have the same name as today.

Bank of England Club (1919–1953)

After they got a new home and start to play in the First Division, they got more and more audience. Not to mention that their budget grows rapidly. In 1925. they got a new manager. However, in the next five years, he builds a new club. As a matter of fact, he appointed enduring new coach, captured new players and bring a couple of football stars from that time. All in all, with all that spending in a short time they got the name Bank of England.

Season 1920/21

Of course, after all these changes, they wan to win some trophies. In fact, he transformed the club completely. Basically, he changes everything he can. In this period they win a couple of trophies. And then World War II came. In this time football was suspended for seven years.

But they win in the second post-war season, but the war took everything form the club. As a matter of fact, a huge number of players died in the war and they almost stayed without all resources.

The Wenger Years (1996–2018)

In history, they have some hard years. Of course, they win some trophies but this wasn’t enough. However, in 1996 on the manager position comes Arsene Wenger.

As a matter of fact, he changes so many things in the club. From basic things like fitness practices, but he even changes how they menage with money. Not to mention that he bring some players from his homeland. And since that period we can say that they play football. All in all, they won a huge number of trophies.

Not to mention that they were unbeaten for 49 matches. And no one breaks this national record. They were collecting the trophies but in 2006. they change the stadium. And after 93 years they move on Emirates.

Since 2005. to 2014. they didn’t win any huge trophy. In 2014. they win in the finale of the FA Cup, but they didn’t stop. As a matter of fact, next year they win the same trophy. For that reason, they become the best club in the history of this tournament.

After all, in 2018. Wenger decides to depart from the club. A huge number of fans say that this is the best decision. In the last season they end up in the 5th position on the table, and in this season we can’t wait to see them.

Colors of Arsenal FC

However, almost in all their history, they have bright red shirts with white sleeves and white shorts. But, in some cases, they have something different. As a matter of fact, in season 1966/67, they wear all red shirts. But this was unpopular and they take the old combination. However, in the season 2008/09, they replaced the traditional white sleeves with a broad white stripe.

Not to mention that their colors as inspiration for other clubs. In fact, almost the same colors had Sparta Prague, Hibernian, Sporting Clube de Braga’s. Basically, these clubs wear this combination of colors to this day. For so many years their away kit colors were white and black. But in season 1969/70 they have a yellow shirt and blue shorts. They wear this combination till 1982/83 when they replace them with a green navy away kit.

But this combination was only for one season. After 2014. they change their combination every season. And from season 2019/20 until the end of 2023/24 Adidas will make all their kits. So for sure, we will see some changes.


In the beginning, for a short time, they play on Plumstead Common, then at Manor Ground. After that, they play for three years at Invicta Ground. But after they joined the Football League in 1893. they returned to the Manor Ground.

Since 1914. their home was a stadium Highbury. As a matter of fact, they play at this stadium until 2006. On the time when they play on the Highbury, he could hold more than 60 000 spectators. In the season 1993/94, they need to make some changes, and in this case, they need to reduce the capacity of the stadium to 38,419 spectators. And when they put the advertising board the stadium was even smaller.

As a matter of fact, they want to expand this stadium, but that wasn’t possible. For that reason, they decide to build a new stadium in 2000. In fact, they finish the new stadium in 2006. and since then this is the home of the club. The new stadium got the name The Emirates.


Statistic and records

Since now they win the most FA Cup trophies. Only six clubs won this trophy two times in a row. Not to mention that they are the first club who won FA Cup and League cup in one season. On the other hand, they were the first club who play in the finals of the UEFA Champions League 2006. but in this match, they lose from Barcelona.

In fact, they didn’t lose 49 matches in a row. Still, no one made to reach this record. Some clubs try, but still nothing. Not to mention that they break some records on the stadium. As a matter of fact, record home attendances are 73,707. in the game against RC Lens 1998.

Best players

However, we know that they have some great players. In fact, with these players, they won a huge number of trophies. But who are they? Well, this is the main question. For sure the best player in their history is Thierry Henry. As a matter of fact, he was the captain, penalty taker, assistant. Basically, everything you need. In his carrier, he scored 228 goals in 377 appearances. Only from this information, we can see how great a player he was.

In the second place, we have Dennis Bergkamp. For him, we can say that he is a legend of the game. As a matter of fact, he played in 423 matches and scored 120 goals.

In the third place, we need to mention Tony Adams. He is a player who played in defense and in all his history he was a captain of the team for 14 years. If you need to describe him in one word then for sure this will be a leader. Because he was the one. He played in 669 matches and in this period he scored 48 goals.

For sure we can find more players which are important for their history, but I think that these three are most important. And if you are interested in some more information, visit Soccer 10 or look at Mirror football page.

Arsenal transfer news

In case we look at Arsenal news we can see a lot of different information. As a matter of fact, we can see a lot of speculation. But only a couple of them will be true. Till the end of the transfer period, we have a couple of days. In fact, until the end of August.

In this transfer period, they have a couple of transfers. As a matter of fact, the biggest name, for now, is Nicolas Pepe. He came from Lille. But we have one speculation that they will have one big transfer. In fact, there is a great possibility that Daniel Caballos will come to this club. Not to mention that he is a player of Real Madrid.

Some of the other transfers in this period were William Saliba and Kieran Tierney. In this case, the first one came from St Etienne and the second one from Celtic.

In the same way, as some of the players come into the club, some of them leave. For sure with some of those, coaches didn’t satisfy, and some of them want to leave the club. In any case, the biggest sale was Alex Iwobi, as a matter of fact, they sell him in Everton.

However, in this Arsenal transfer period, they got David Luiz from Chelsea. In any case, the transfer period is almost over. But I would not bet that we would not have some surprises in this field.

Arsenal fixtures

Finally, the football season started and we can enjoy so many great games. But still, we don’t know who will be the best. Maybe we will see some surprises, who knows? Don’t forget to look at soccer 6 fixture and you will find a lot of things.

Well, their first game in the English Premier League log was against Newcastle United. And in this game, they win 1-0. As a matter of fact, they play one more game till now against Burnley F.C. and if we look at the EPL log they won this match.

At this moment they are in second place on the table, right behind Liverpool. But they have the same number of points. However, their next match will be on August 24, and in this match, they will play against Liverpool. For sure we will see one amazing game, and maybe we will see some changes on the table.

In any case, the new season just started and for sure we will see some great Arsenal results. But we can’t forget that season just started and that we can see some surprises. If we want to see who will be the best we need to watch games and enjoy great football. Or at the end of the season, we can look at English Premier League results.