Al Ahly SC

Al Ahly SC or Al Ahly Sporting Club is an Egyptian sports club based in Cairo, Egypt.

Not to mention, they are known as ‘The Club of the Century’ in African football.

They are mostly known for their professional team that plays in the Egyptian Premier League.

If you want to know more about this amazing club, read the following text below.


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Al Ahly SC History

Omar Lotfy was the person behind the idea of establishing Al Ahly in the first decade of the century. It was raised during his presidency of the High School Students Club which was established in 1905. This establishment of the high school was a result of strictly political reasons and later was discussed that these students need a sports club. They needed something for amusement and exercise.

He introduced this idea to a group of friends who were very enthusiastic about it so in 1907, Al Ahly was finally established. Omar later abdicated his position of president in favour of Michael Anas who was the advisor of the Ministry of Finance at the time. That decision was made specifically for the reason of sponsoring the club. The first official meeting of the club’s board was held on 24th April in 1907.

The committee met at 5:30 p.m. in the house of Michel Anas where the establishment of the club could finally be officially approved. Other members of the committee were Idris Ragheb Bey, Ismael Sari Pasha and Sami Basha and Omar Lotfi Bek and Mohamed Effendi Sherif as secretary. As Ismail Seri was an architect, he designed the main building of the club.

They established a civil company on behalf of Al Ahly Sports Club with shares worth 5EGP Pounds per share. The main goal of the club was to collect 5000 pounds but they only collected 3165 pounds in a period of one year. This situation forced the club to borrow 1000 pounds from the National Bank of Egypt in March of 1908. Members of the committee gave their share but it didn’t fill the account as they expected. Michel Inse stepped down as president of the club on 2 April in 1908 and then, Aziz Azzat stepped in.

Al Ahly’s Contribution to Egyptian Football

Together with Zamalek SC, El Sekka El Hadid SC, Al Ahly contributed to the formation of the first football team of Egypt to participate in the Olympic games 1920. Not to mention, they have also contributed to the establishment of the Egyptian Football Association. Al Ahly had also played an active role in the establishment of the Egyptian Tennis Federation The Championship for Egyptian League started in 1948–49.

Al Ahly managed to win the inaugural competition which was the first of nine successive national championship titles. Right after the dethroning of King Farouk in the revolution of 1952 Gamal Abdel Nasser became the new club president. After that change, Al Ahly didn’t manage to win any titles for 13 years. Only after years of deterioration in this club, management decided to make some changes and bring  Nándor Hidegkuti as a new head coach in 1973.

Shortly after, in 1974-1975, the title returned to Al Ahly with scoring 70 goals in 34 games. One season later, they won the League championship. Al Ahly had also won the 1981–1982 African Cup of Champions Clubs which was later renamed to CAF Champions League (CAF Champions League is an annual competition run by Confederation of African Football).

They defeated Ghana’s Asante Kotoko S.C. in the final and won the first leg 3–0 thanks to two goals by Mahmoud El Khatib and one by Alaa Mayhoub. In 1983, Al Ahly reached the final of the African Champions League for the second time in a row. However, rivals Kotoko managed to avenge their defeat by scoring the only goal in both matches that were played.

Years of Triumph and Years of Deterioration

Al Ahly had their time of success but they also know how it feels to be on the very bottom. Of course, that is a positive thing for the team because they have risen from nothingness. In 1952 their period of deterioration began when they lost every game for 13 years.

It lasted a whole 13 years until finally, someone decided to take appropriate actions to fix the situation. After Nándor Hidegkuti was signed as a new head coach in 1973, tables have turned. They finally started to be themselves and they returned the title. After that, the situation was keeping up on the good side and there weren’t big ups and downs.

Even though they did change coaches and team members, they stood strong. Ahly signed Manuel Jose to take on the technical leadership In the summer of 2001 and this was the first time in the history of the club that they had a coach from the Portuguese school. Manuel Jose first encounter with this team was on the friendly match with Real Madrid.

Al-Ahly had also won the first Egyptian Super Cup with an exciting win over ENPPI Club with the result of 1–0 and a goal in extra time by Wael Gomaa. Ahly won the African Champions League for the fourth time in their history At the end of 2005. After that, they appeared at the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan for the first time but the start was not successful. They lost to Sydney FC and then Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ittihad Club. Many believe that 2006 was their best year in history.


Mokhtar El Tetsh Stadium was their first home ground. Even though the football wasn’t the original intention behind Al Ahly’s establishment it turned out to be the most popular sport. All of the graduates of high schools fell in love with football which was the first reason for building the stadium in 1909. At that point, the stadium got the nickname Al-Hawsh which is a colloquial word from Egyptian dialect means the courtyard in Arabic. Over the years, Stadium got it’s original form and name, Mokhtar El-Tetsh Stadium.

At this instant, it is not forgotten but it holds friendly games and training. Later, everything moved to Cairo Stadium. The reason for this occurrence was above all, the size of their stadium. Capacity was way too small to for all of the club’s supporters. They transformed Mokhtar El Tetsh into their training ground and moved to Cairo International Stadium. However, they stopped playing their home games at the Cairo International Stadium since 2014 for an indefinite period due to security reasons.

They played most of their home games at Al-Salam Stadium in the season 2016-2017 and played their matches in the African competitions at Borg El Arab Stadium. Al Ahly returned to their Cairo International Stadium in the first leg of Egyptian League in season 2017-2018. At this instant, there is an Al Ahly Stadium currently under construction in Cairo. It will host all of their matches and the capacity is 60,000. However, the Cairo Stadium has the capacity of 75,000 so let’s hope that this is going to be enough for them.

Al Ahly SC In African Competitions

Above all, we have already stated that this club didn’t always have much luck. So, from 1964 to 1974 they didn’t even enter in CAF Champions League or African Cup Winner’s Cup. However, in 1976, things started to change and they entered the CAF Champions League and got to the second round. Next year they even fought to the quarter-finals. However, there still wasn’t even a word about them entering the African Cup Winner’s Cup.

Later in 1979 and 1980, they didn’t enter in the CAF Champions League but year after they managed to get into semi-finals. However, the match was withdrawn. Year after that, luck has finally turned their way and they ended as the winners of the Champions League. A year later they ended as runner ups. After that, in 1984, they moved onto the African Cup Winner’s Cup and they managed to win three years in a row.

In 1987, they had one more win back in the Champions League and year after they ended in the semi-finals. After that, they had a few years when they reached the second round and quarter-finals but nothing significant. However, they managed to win again in African Cup in 1993 and in the same year, end as runner up in CAF Super Cup.

Al Ahly didn’t get back into the game until 1998 when they won the first round in CAF League but shortly after they got warmed up and 2001, they won CAF Champions League. Year after, they won the CAF Super Cup. Since 2005, they started to play more actively and really worked on their image. They had 11 winnings in different Leagues and Cups, got twice in semi-finals and four times ended as runner up.

National Competitions of Al Ahly

Shortly after the club was founded, they started to engage in the games in Egypt Cup. Most of the time they were the leading entity there as they either won in every season or managed to get in the very top. To begin with, their first appearance was in 1923 to 1924 season. For two years in a row, they ended as winners and then their strike was interrupted by a runner up. However, the following two years after that they also managed to win.

In the season 1928–29 they haven’t participated but following two seasons they won again. Not until 1934–35 they got back in the game and ended as runner up. Another year they missed but right after that in the season 1936–37 they walked out as winners. To sum up, they won in the following seasons; 1939–40, 1941–43, 1944–47, 1948–49, 1949–51, 1952–53, 1955–56, 1957–58, 1959–60, 1965–66 and many more. Later the Egyptian Premier League was established and their first season was 1948–49 where Al Ahly got out as winners.

Above all, those years had truly remarkable results for the team as they managed to win 9 times in a row since the first game. Of course, that is if we don’t count the year when League wasn’t held and the year when it wasn’t finished. In the season 1959–60 they finished in the third place but shortly after they managed to get their way back on track. It certainly is clear to everyone why this club has so many fans. They managed to overcome many obstacles and rise from nothing. Afterwards, from the 2000s the club started to participate in Egyptian Super Cup as well.

Al Ahly SC Egypt Players

Al Ahly is known for their skilled and professional team. But do you know all the players from this popular club? Probably not. For that reason, let’s begin with goalkeepers. Their three goalkeepers are Mohamed El Shenawy, Sherif Ekramy and Ali Lotfi. At this instant, the Centre-back players are Saad Samir, Mahmoud Metwaly, Rami Rabia, Yasser Ibrahim and Islam Gaber.

Then again, their Left-back players are Ali Maâloul, Ayman Ashraf, Marcelo and Mahmoud Wahid. Their three Right-back players are Ahmed Fathi, Mohamed Hany and Basem Ali. Defensive Midfielders are Amr Soleya, Aliou Dieng and Hossam Ashour. Al Ahly’s Central Midfields are Saleh Gomaa, Mohamed Mahmoud, Hamdi Fathi and Karim Nedved.

The three of their attacking midfielders are Afsha, Amar Hamdi and Ahmed Hamdi. Ramadan Sobhi, Junior Ajayi and Momen Zakaria are the Left-wingers of the club. The Right-wingers of Al Ahly are Hussein El Shahat, Ahmed El Sheikh, Walid Soliman and Geraldo. At last, we have come to the last team players which are Centre forwards Amr Gamal, Salah Mohsen, Marwan Mohsen and Walid Azarou. If you get to know the players a bit better, you can accordingly decide how to place a bet. You will be able to predict the outcome of their game.