4-Day Franchise

4-Day Franchise series was a first-class tournament that took place in South Africa.

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What is the 4-Day franchise?

To begin with, the 4-Day franchise is the first-class cricket tournament that took place in South Africa.

This year the teams played from 26 September to 31 January.

Sunfoil decided not to renew the sponsorship so it was the first game organised without their help.

In the last tournament, Lions won the game against Warriors in the final match.

With winning the fixture, they got enough bonus points to overtake the Cape Cobras.

They won with just nine deliveries left in the game.

Before that, Titans were the defending champions but this time they finished in the last place.

Altogether they won in only one match from possible 10.

Cricket South Africa made an announcement that series will be split into two parts.

From September to November, you have seen the first part of the game. After that, the second was from December to January.

They used the extra time to prepare their national side for the match against Pakistan.

You could see that match from December 2018 to January 2019.

During the break, you could see the first edition of Mzansi Super League.

In case you take a look at the points you can see that the Lions are on the top with 195.22 points.

Cape Cobras are just one step behind them with 186.00 points.

After that, you can see Warriors and Knights just below. Dolphins are next and Titans come in the last place.

Franchise series fixtures

In case you are a big fan you have surely seen all the matches. However, there are some who missed it.

For that reason, we will do the work for you and find all the matches and times you missed.

To begin with, in the first match, Dolphins played against Titans from 26 to 29 September.

From October 1 to 4 you could see Cape Cobras and Knights. At the same time, you could see Warriors and Lions.

Later that month, from October 8 to 10 you could see the match between Dolphins and Knights.

After that, Lions played against Cape Cobras. From October 12 to 15, you could see the match between Warriors and Titans.

From October 22 to 25, Warriors played against Dolphins at Durban. At the same time but in Johannesburg Knights played against Lions.

At Centurion, you could see Titans against Cape Cobras. From October 21 to November 1 there was a match between Dolphins and Cape Cobras.

At the same time, in Port Elizabeth, you could see a match between Knights and Warriors.

Meanwhile, at Potchefstroom, you could see the game between Lions and Titans.

From November 5 o 8 there were following games; Lions and Cape Cobras at Paarl, Dolphins and Titans at Durban and Knights and Warriors at Kimberley.

In December you could see the matches between Cape Cobras and Warriors, Titans and Knights and Dolphins and Lions.

Starting from January, the first game you could see was Warriors and Titans, then Lions and Dolphins and Knights and Cape Cobras.

After that, Cape Cobras played versus Warriors, Dolphins against Knights and Titans versus Lions.

Fixtures of the second part

Of course, you can see above how January started. To be exact, the other part of the game is starting in December.

As shown above, you can already see some of the fixtures.

However, there are more to mention. You can already see that December started with Cape Cobras and Warriors.

After that, Titans and Knights took their place. Dolphins and Lions played after that.

Now let’s begin with the January matches. From January 4-7 you could see the match between Warriors and Titans, then Lions and Dolphins and Knights and Cape Cobras.

From January 14-17 you could see the Cape Cobras and Warriors. Then Dolphins and Knights and at last, Titans and Lions.

Starting from January 21 to 24 you could see Titans playing Cape Cobras, Warriors versus Dolphins and Knights versus Lions.

Now that said, we are coming to the end of series where only 3 matches were left to the end of January.

Those were Dolphins and Cape Cobras, Lions and Warriors and last, Titans and Knights.

In case you missed these matches, now you can reach the videos with ease.

There were 30 matches you could watch and it would be a real shame if you missed all of them.

However, you can still browse around and at least see the best moments from the game.

4-day franchise series points

If you didn’t watch the game, you probably don’t know what were the results of the series.

Let’s begin from the first game. Titans had a score of 308 & 244/8 against Dolphins 269 & 315.

However, the match was not played. After that, you could see Warriors and Lions where Lions won by 9 wickets.

Their last score was 470/6d & 60/1. Warriors were on 345 &182.

Cape Cobras won the following match by 4 wickets with the result 420 & 195/6.

Knights who lost the game had the result of 279 & 334. However, Knights managed to win the next game against Dolphins.

Their score was 266 & 139/5. They won by 5 wickets while Dolphins had a score of 268 & 135.

After that, you could see the Cape Cobras playing versus Highveld Lions where they won by 71 runs.

Cape Cobras had a score of 529 while Highveld Lions had 104 & 354.

After that, you could see the game between Titans and Warriors. However, the game was not finished.

Dolphins lost against Warriors in the following game with score 335 & 123.

Warriors won by 93 runs and ended with a score of 175 & 376.

In the next game, Cape Cobras won Titans by 8 wickets and result of 337 & 204/2.

After that, you could see the Highveld Lions winning against Knights by 22 runs with the result of 377.

Two matches after that were drawn. In the game after, you could see the Cape Cobras winning Dolphins by 5 wickets.

Another match after that could not be finished. But in the following one, you could see the Highveld Lions beating Cape Cobras by 186 runs.

In the last game of this half, Knights won Warriors by 284 runs.

The second half of the results

Because the series has been split into two sections, we will also bring the results in like manner.

So let’s begin with the other part of four-day franchise results.

In the first game, Cape Cobras won the Warriors by 37 runs. They finished with the result of 266 & 403/3d.

After that, you could see the game where Titans won Knights by 65 runs with the score 303 & 242.

Following game was won by Dolphins by 279 runs and score of 303 & 216.

In the next game, you could see Highveld Lions winning by 9 wickets with the result of 423 & 47/1.

Warriors won the following game against Titans by 216 runs and score of 408 & 310/5d.

Two matches after that, Knights against Cape Cobras and Dolphins against Knights were drawn.

Highveld Lions won the next game by innings and 239 runs against Titans.

Not to mention, their final score was 539/5d.

Afterwards, Cape Cobras lost against Warriors by 6 wickets and score was 343 & 206/4.

In case you have been watching, you know the match after that was drawn.

However, in the following match, Highveld Lions have won by 5 wickets against Knights.

They can show off with a score of 490 & 76/5. Cape Cobras won against Titans in the match just after that.

Cape Cobras won by 8 wickets with the score of 375 & 52/2.

Now we are coming to one match which was drawn and other which wasn’t even played.

For that reason, we need to skip to the last game.

In that game, Highveld Lions won against Warriors by 84 runs with the score of 440 & 292/9d.

Sa cricket 4-Day franchise series

We all know that four-fay franchise series is to draw out the best teams in South Africa.

However, you might not know where exactly are those teams.

For that reason, we bring you the details about the participating teams.

To begin with, Titans or Multiply Titans are top-level and northernmost cricket franchise in South Africa.

Their home venues are Centurion, Benoni, Willowmoore Park and SuperSport Park.

Northern Cricket Union and Eastern Cricket Union are their unions.

Not to mention, this team was one of 6 who was invited to play in the first edition of Abu Dhabi T20 Trophy in 2018.

Ever since the franchise systems were introduced in Africa, this team has been extremely successful.

So far they won 18 trophies. Warriors are also South African first-class cricket team.

Their home venues are at East London, Buffalo Park, Port Elizabeth and St Georges Park.

Warriors also play in the Sunfoil competition, that is the Momentum 1 Day Cup and Ram Slam T20 Challenge which are both limited over competitions.

They were winners of MTN Domestic Championship and Standard bank Twenty20 in 2009/2010.

Every year, during October, this team switches from black and green colours and dresses bold pink to support breast cancer awareness.

They are also known for their fundraising for Reach for Recovery.

After that, we have Cape Cobras which are representing the Western Province, Boland and South Western Districts.

Their home venues are Cape Town, Boland Park, Paarl, Recreation Ground, Oudtshoorn and Newlands Cricket Ground.

Knights, Dolphins and Lions

VKB Knights are also one of the franchise cricket teams. They are made out of Free State and Griqualand West first-class areas.

Before some time they competed as Diamond Eagles. This teams home venues are Bloemfontein, Kimberley and Mangaung Oval.

Of course, they are also part of the Sunfoil series.

Now that said, let’s move to the Hollywoodbets Dolphins. This team is representing the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa.

Their home venues are Durban, Kingsmead Cricket Ground and Pietermaritzburg.

Not to mention, they are the only ones that didn’t merge several province teams while the franchise was introduced in Africa.

The Dolphins reached the final of Momentum One Day Cup after winning against Cape Cobras in 2017/2018.

In case you didn’t know, some of their players are Malcolm Marshall, Collis King, Hartley Alleyne, Nixon McLean and Neil Johnson.

Lions or bizhub Highveld Lions are next on the list of franchise cricket teams.

They represent Western Transvaal or North West and Central Gauteng which was former Transvaal.

This team was merged from Central Gauteng Lions and North West first class.

Not to mention, that was the highest level of cricket in the region and at the same time a feeder for SA national team.

Home venues of their team are New Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg and Senwes Park which is located in Potchefstroom.

Above all, Lions are also the current champions of the four-day franchise series.

Their current captain is Temba Bavuma who was the first black African cricketer who played for the test series.