Will Timo Werner make one of the biggest transfers and leave RB Leipzig

Timo Werner

Timo Werner is ready to sign for Liverpool FC in the next transition period. This will happen if the current European champion pays the 60 million euros specified in the contract. The contract clause is valid until the 15th of June 2020. Because of this, Jurgen Klopp doesn’t have much time to think.

He will have to quickly decide whether the German striker will go to his club. According to the exit clause in the annex to the German player contract, Timo has committed to remain in the club until the summer of 2023. But Liverpool is not the only team interested in the German striker.

Werner is one of the best players to prove his stats. He scored 88 goals in 4 seasons. He came to RB Leipzig in 2016 when he transferred from Stuttgart football club. Last summer was a bit lacking for Timo to move to Bayern. The German football giant then offered 30m euros. Although the transfer wasn’t realized Bayern is still interested in this player.

But Liverpool has a slight advantage over other teams


The German player said several times Liverpool is one of the best clubs in the world. According to him, Klopp is one of the best coaches. He has been working on improving English for some time. Which would be another sign that he’s getting ready to go to the island.

Who is Timo Werner

Timo is a professional footballer born on the 6th of March 1996. He currently plays for RB Leipzig and the German national team. Following his debut in 2013, Werner became one of the youngest players to ever play for VfB Stuttgart.

He recorded over 100 appearances for the German club before moving to Leipzig. It was then one of the biggest transfers for 10 million euros. He is one of the most famous strikers. German player scored 34 goals at the international level in 48 games.

He made his senior national team debut in 2017 and won the FIFA Confederation Cup with other teammates the same year. Also scored three goals in that competition and won the Golden Boot Award. The prospective player is one of those who will certainly help each club to get the best soccer 10 results.