Ronaldo can be punished for leaving the stadium

In the game with Lokomotiv, Ronaldo left the game at 1-1. Luckily Juventus managed to win 2-1 by the end of the game. The same story was repeated in the game against Milano. Sarri decided to take Ronaldo out in the 55th minute at 0-0. He was replaced by Dybala, who later scored the only goal in the game.

After the last situation, he swore, directly going to the locker room without saying goodbye to the coach or teammates. Also, he leaves the stadium before the end of the game. Ronaldo didn’t care too much how the game would end. He left the stadium before the match ended.

But here we come to one problem. Ronaldo could be banned from playing for two years, because of that. After the game, some of the players are going on the anti-doping controls. For that reason, he couldn’t leave the stadium before the end of the game.

This can bring him a lot of problems. We all know that when there is some story, probably we have something behind that. Everyone knows that Ronaldo loves winning more than anything. For him, we can tell that he learned winning from online guide. With hard work, he becomes one of the best players in the world.


Juventus needs to understand Ronaldo

It is necessary to understand why Cristiano Ronaldo is unhappy at Allianz Stadium. In the game with Milan, he left the stadium furiously before the end of the game. Juventus celebrated in this game 1-0, Dybala score that goal. But he comes in the game as Ronaldo’s replacement. This situation with Ronaldo should be fixed as soon as possible because he is a player who worth too much for Juventus.

Right now it’s not an easy job to be coach Sarri. He knows that Ronaldo is the whole other class, with Neymar and Messi he is one of the main icons of today’s football.

The main job in this situation is to understand why he is acting like that. Because something is for sure behind this. Somehow it looks like he is in a really difficult period right now. When a player like him stops scoring, frustration is very big. Despite everything, Juventus is in the first position. In the future Soccer10 matches we can expect a lot of things. Maybe we find out what is happening with Ronaldo.