Qatar has prepared a big surprise at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will surely go down in history. The main reason is the new competition system. It will surely be one of the most famous competitions in the world. Qatar announced that over 70% of World Cup work has been completed. It just lacks to complete stadiums that will also be finished on time.

Organizers want to make sure they have one of the better championships. So they built a whole network of the above-ground, subway. The whole system was built in two years. Rail is one of the fastest in the world. There are new hotels with the expansion of accompanying facilities. Qatar also hired cruisers to accommodate fans at the FIFA World Cup.

Two major cruisers will be anchored at the port of Doha during the Championship. Both ships have 4000 cabins. It can accommodate up to 6000 guests.

Free shuttle service to the stadium will be provided for the fans. Qatar decided to show that this will be a different championship. Recently, news spread that workers are working in difficult conditions. Construction and other workers are mostly from poor Asian countries. Many human rights organizations claim that over 100 people have been killed. They live in poor conditions, work more than 16 hours a day and are paid poorly.


FIFA World Cup

The next World Cup will be 22 in a row. It will be the first major competition to be held in an Arab country. This will be the second competition to be held in Asia. The first was in 2002 in South Korea and Japan. There will be 32 teams competing in the tournament.  Here France will defend the World Cup title.

It will be the first competition not to be held in June or July. Instead, the competition will be organized in late November. In a shorter period. It will last 28 days and the finale will take place on the 18th of December. Like all other big competitions, so many teams here will fight for the best possible place. If South Africa manages to qualify for the Qatar Championship, many will reach for the betway online. It will be an opportunity to win a lot of money. But before that, it will be necessary to study the supabets odds.