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In the same way, as every country has its national league, in the same way, South Africa has Absa Premiership.

In short, in South Africa, we can find the Premier Soccer League and under that a couple of competitions. And one of them is this Premiership.

As a matter of fact, we can find this Premiership with a different name. In fact, the South African Premier Division is the same thing as an Absa.

Premier Soccer League is an association that is responsible for two football divisions. In fact, here you can find the South African Premier Division and National First Division.


However, this association works as an organizer of competition. Not to mention that they are connected with the South African Football Association, but they don’t menage with Premier Soccer League competition.

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What is Absa Premiership?

In fact, this is the top league in South Africa. And here you can find 16 Clubs and they compete in the first place.

For example, the competition starts in August and you can enjoy in games till May.

However, in Premiership, you don’t want to be at the end of the list. Because this means that you are out. But the one team that ends at 15th place has an opportunity to stay in this competition.

In fact, they are going to the Promotion Play-off. In this situation here you can find two more clubs from the National First Division.

As a matter of fact, they are fighting for the place in the Premiership.

Above all, all the clubs that participated in this competition have great motivation. In fact, the winner will take home a prize of R10 million and of course the trophy.

As can be seen, here you can find sixteen clubs and they compete with each other. In fact, every team plays two times with others.

Basically, you play one at home and one time as a guest. For instance, that means that every club will play 30 games in one season.

Above all, if you win then you can expect to get three points and in case your score was draw then you will get just one point.

Of course, if you win a championship or if you are in the second place you will have the opportunity to compete in CAF Championship League.

But even if you end up in the third-place you will need to compete but in this case in Nedbank Cup. And winners of this cup have an opportunity to compete in CAF Championship League.


But how all this started? Well, this league was founded in 1996. Under those circumstances from that time, you can find an agreement between the National Soccer League and the rest of the National Professional Soccer League.

At that time you can find 18 clubs, but after the season 2001/02, they reduce the number of the teams and now you can find 16 of them.

But in this case, two teams got drawn a thicker end. As a matter of fact, two teams Ria Stars and Free State Stars are disbanded.

However, in 2004 was a huge scandal with match-fixing. As a matter of fact, there was an investigation and there were more than 40 arrests. No one was spared, and they arrest referees and assistant, club bosses, match commissioners.

And, in 2005, one club wins the league two times in a row. In fact, Kaizer Chiefs did that for the first time in a decade.

For instance, in 2007 the singed a contract with SuperSport and this was one of the biggest sporting deal in history. In other words, they put the Premier Division in the best 15 leagues.

Not to mention that this league is in the 6 the best leagues in Africa.

Clubs and winners

After all, some clubs are better than others. Obviously, every fan loves to think that their club is the best. But the numbers will always show different.

As a matter of fact, fans can have a lot of reasons why they love their team. In this case some of them like how they play and some of them just like the fact that some club has the most trophy. But here are some facts about the clubs.

In fact, the club with the most titles till now is Mamelodi Sundowns. In general, they win 9 trophies till now and the last one was in the season 2018/19. We can tell that they are the last winners in this league.

However, two teams have the same number of titles, in fact, Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs want the trophy for the four times. But the fun fact is that these clubs win the title one after the other.

For example, Orlando Pirates won the title in the season 2001/02 and 2002/03 and Kaizer Chiefs won in the season 2003/04 and 2004/03.

After that we have Supersport United, in fact, they win the title three times. And now the last one but still important are Manning Rangers, Santos and Bidvest Wits who win the title just one time.

Absa Premiership log – season 2018/2019

In case if you are curious, and you want to know how it all ends. Then lets a look at the Absa log.

As can be seen, the winner of this season was Mamelodi Sundowns. In this season they scored 59 points. Basically, from 30 games they win the 16 of them.

Not to mention that they had only three loses. And if we know that it is not so easy to play so many games on this big level, then this score is for sure one of the amazing ones.

Unfortunately, at the end of the Absa Premiership table was Free State Stars. In fact, this team will be degraded in the lower league.

And let’s take a look bit in the other results from this season. As a matter of fact, Mwape Musonda scored most of the goals. Even 16 of them and with what results he is convincingly the best goalscorer in the last season.

Not to mention that he is the only player in this season that scored a hat-trick.

However, the most assist has had Deon Hotto, in this season he had 11 assists.


Every league has some of the records. And clubs are the ones who make all that records. In this case, we can find several records that are specific for this league.

And for that reason, we will look at Premiership results.

As a matter of fact, some clubs had the most appearances in Premiership. In fact, that are Kaizer Chiefs, Mamelodi Sundowns, Orlando Pirates and SuperSport United. They were in 474 matches.

In the second place, we can find out which club has the most titles in history. And in this case, this is Mamelodi Sundowns. However, they took the title nine times.

Above all, if we look at the history, the biggest win was in the season 2003/04 when SuperSport United win against Zulu Royals 8-1.

And the team with the most wins is Mamelodi Sundowns, as a matter of fact, they win 237 times till now.

On the same way, as we can see how many times some team win, we can see how many time some team lose a match.

In this case, the team with the most losses is Ajax CT, in fact, they lose 184 times until now. And the team who scored the most goals in one season was Kaizer Chiefs, in fact, they scored even 73 goals in one season.

Top goalscorers

Same as any sport in the world, there are always players that are better than other ones.

In this case, if we look at the Premiership table, we will see who score the most goals from the beginning of this league.

As a matter of fact, on this list, we will see the players who scored more than 100 goals from the time when they play for PSL.

All in all, the best goalscorer is Siyabonga Nomvete. For example, in his career in PSL, he scored an amazing 111 goals. Which is one amazing score? And if we know that he is still playing, in next years this score will be even bigger for sure.

Right behind him is Daniel Mudau who end his career in 2003 and till then he scores 110 goals.

As a matter of fact, here are a couple more players who scored more than 100 goals, in fact, that are Manuel Bucuane, Mabhit Khenyzea, Siphiwe Tshabalala and Collins Mbesuma.

Absa Premiership TV rights and prize

Even since the beginning of the Premier Division, they are sponsored. As a matter of fact, they can determine the name. And in history, we had a couple of names.

In this case from 1996 to 2007, this league was called Castle Premiership and since 2007 this is Absa.

And if we look a little bit on the TV right then we can see that at the beginning they have a five-year contract with SuperSport.
Not to mention that they have TV rights today and that they share massive earnings.

There is a piece of information that in this season the prize will be increased. And that this increase will be huge. In fact, this increase will be even 50 percent bigger than the years before.

If we calculate how much this is, well that is the amount of R15 million. And if we know that R10 million was a prize for a winner for almost a decade then for sure this will be a great motivation for the clubs.

As a matter of fact, there was an announcement for other prizes. In this case, the second prize will be half of the main prize.

In this situation, this will be in the amount of R7,5 million. In the third place, we can find a prize that is half of the second prize.

And if we look at the total prize, then its good to say that the prize is now raised from R29,5 million to R39,9 million.

That is one nice jump of 35 percent if we look at the last season. In any case, the clubs will be motivated for sure.

Premiership fixtures and calendar

In this case, the next Premiership season starts on 3 August 2019. in the beginning, we can see some Absa Premiership fixtures. In fact, we will see the derby.

The game between Mamelodi Sundowns and SuperSport United and a lot more games.

And one of the most important information for the fans is for sure when is the end of this season. Well, they announced that this will be 9 May 2020.


Every season we have one team that is the best and one that is at the bottom of the table.

As a matter of fact, every team that ends up last is out of this league. But if you end up in the 15th place then you have a chance to stay in this league.

In fact, they will play in Promotion Play-off. But in this case, they will play with two best teams from the National First Division.

For sure, every team wants to stay in this league. Specifically, if we all know that this is the best Soccer10 in South Africa.

In the same case, every team wants to stay in this league and others from lower league want to come in this league.

In this season three teams are fighting for the position in the league.

However, in the last play-off, the Black Leopards come back in the Absa after almost a half-decade.

Not to mention that they are for five years in the National First Division and a couple of times they had the opportunity to come in the Premiership. But unfortunately, they fall at the last step.

As a matter of fact, they leave the other two teams at 8 points behind them. And like that, they earned the place in the best Premiership in South Africa.

In any case, we can’t wait that the next season starts and that we have to opportunity to watch all the amazing games.