Premier League

Premier League or EPL is the most famous football competition that consists of 20 clubs. The entire system is based on a system of dropouts and promotions with the EFL or the English Football League.

It is an association where members of the club behave as shareholders. The season runs from August to May. However, each team must play 38 matches.

Furthermore, most games are played on Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon.

This famous league since its foundation, besides the other 47 English clubs consists of two Welsh clubs.


The competition was formed as the FA Premier League in 1992 after having separated a part of the Football League clubs established in 1888.

The clubs that separated took advantage of a contract with the many televisions. For example, the contract was worth a billion pounds a year.

Did you know that the annual league earns about 2.2 billion a year on international and domestic television rights? However, revenues were allocated for £ 2.4 billion in the period 2016 to 2017 with another 343 million pounds in solid payments for English clubs.

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Premiere League history

The Premier League is the most-watched soccer 10 league in the world. It also broadcasts over 643 million homes in 212 areas.

The queen of England also recognized the meaning of the league, so she handed over recognition for an incredible contribution to international trade in 2010.

For example, in a 2014/2015 season, one game exceeded 36,000. In other words, it was more than the Bundesliga.

By coefficients, the league takes second place in UEFA competitions. In other words, if you consider the competition since 2018.

From the beginning, 49 clubs competed, and six of them won the championship title.

First of all, there is Manchester United with 13 titles, then Chelsea with five titles and many others.

In conclusion a record for most points for the 2017/2018 season. was set up by Manchester City.

What are Premier League clubs

From the 2018/2019 season, 49 teams played in this famous competition. Preston North End are the only former winners of the first league who have never played in the English Football League.

Furthermore, they are in the sixteen clubs that played in the Old First League.

However, Wigan Athletic, Swindon Town, Reading, Hull City, Bournemouth, and Barnsley never participated in the old first league before joining the well-known English league.

Six clubs such as Southampton Sheffield United, Manchester City, Norwich City, Crystal Palace, and Aston Villa are one of the founders of the league.

Also, six clubs like Tottenham, Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton, Chelsea and Arsenal competed in each season since the league was established.

Two clubs Swansea City and Cardiff City belong to Wales but play in the Neglected Football League for practical reasons.

Also, two clubs Brighton & Hove Albion and Bournemouth, although not the founders of the league, have been allowed to compete for one of the oldest European leagues.

In conclusion, you can see how the number of clubs has increased over time, making this competition more interesting. The best thing is that the league is not only popular in Europe but also outside the continent.

For example, it is also popular in Africa where football is one of the most popular sports.

English League winners

First of all, it would be interesting to find out how many winners have so far been and how many clubs have won more than one champion title.

After the legalization of football by the soccer federation in 1885, three years later, a soccer league was founded at the initiative of William McGregor, director of Aston Ville.

At the end of the first season, the winner was the Preston North End club. This club could boast as the first winner of the football competition.

Furthermore, after being presented as the first professional football competition in the world, the teams were first dominated by Midland and North Region teams.

However, the competition got even more quality in 1892 after another football federation was involved in the soccer league.

Former clubs were the largest part of the new Division. After the 1931 club from the southern regions managed to secure the title of the winner.

In other words, Arsenal scored 127 goals this year, which was a big venture for a club.

Did you know that the rules that set the maximum amount of salary were abolished in 1961? It is believed that this decision has made many happy.

For example, they didn’t feel boundaries and players knew that their effort and talent would be awarded if they showed how good they could play.

After that, the financial impact increased, and it was the biggest since 1992. For example, in those years, the team moved to the FA league.

It was this move that replaced the First Division of the Football League as the highest level of football on the island. Therefore, due to large television contracts, many could enjoy watching top clubs.

Premier league results top scorers

It’s time for the premier league table. Until 1992 clubs such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Blackburn Rovers, and Arsenal have won the title of Champions.

In 2016, Leicester City became the first team to win without having previously won the first league.

If you have the time it would be good to explore who were top scorers since 1888.

First of all, check who had the highest number of goals per season. In other words, there were 60 goals.

Did you hear about player Dixie Dean? This is a famous player who played for Everton. He scored a lot of goals while playing for the club from 1927-1928.

However though Dixie Dean was known for his six goals, we should not forget about the other winners as well.

For example, Jimmy Greaves highlighted in the seasons 1963, 1964 and 1965. There is also Alan Shearer who played later.

In other words, he was the best while playing in 1995, 1996 and 1997.

The newer generation has certainly heard of Thierry Henry, a great player who showed his skill at the 1998 World Cup.

His most successful career were 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Top Scorers list is Gary Lineker. He has won three different clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur 1990, Everton 1986 and Leicester City 1985.

Dave Halliday was declared the fastest player in 101 games. Do you know which players scored over 30 goals in four seasons? Again, Dave Halliday scored 35 goals in each of the four seasons.

What are the clubs in English League from another country

In 2011, the first time in Wales, the first game played outside of England was against Swansea City at Liberty Stadium against Wigan Athletic.

The match was played on the 20th of August 2011.

However, the number of clubs from Wales increased over time. For example, one of the clubs was Cardiff City who unfortunately dropped after the first season.

The number of clubs from Wales remained the same for season 2018/2019. After the departure of Cardiff City in the league, there are no currently soccer clubs from Wales.

Although members of the Football Association of Wales asked whether a club such as Swansea should represent Wales or England in European competitions.

In other words, Swansea took one of the three places in England season 2013-2014 winning the League Cup.

The right to participate in such clubs was questioned as long as UEFA didn’t allow them to participate. If you look at Premier League fixtures or Premier League logs you will see that Welsh clubs have left a mark in English football.

Ireland football clubs

It has long been debated whether the Scottish or Irish clubs should participate in the league. For a moment, they were almost close to the idea.

In other words, it was 1998 when Wimbledon was permitted to move the league to Dublin.

However, this move was blocked by the Football Association of Ireland.

After that, the media suggested that clubs like Rangers or Celtic should take part, but there was nothing in the end.

Therefore, there are several associations of soccer clubs that are in one country but play in another league.

First of all the conditions for a foreign league competition are defined for each case. In conclusion, all depends on the international Federation of Football Associations.

Fantasy premier league

Did you hear about the fantasy football league? It is an online game for all football fans who want to experience how to play it like Paul Pogba from Manchester United, Mohamed Salah from Liverpool FC or maybe N’Golo Kante from Chelsea.

This is a top game for all football addicts, but also those who will only become so.

To be able to play first of all it is necessary to register. After that one should choose three forward carriers, five midfield players, five defenders, and two goalkeepers.

However you can choose any player, but you can not select more than three players from the same club.

In other words, if you are a fan of the Arsenal club it will prevent you from selecting all 15 players from that club.

One of the important things you must not forget is the budget. For example, while buying a player, your budget will be reduced based on the price for that player. It might be a problem to assemble 15 good players if you don’t have a lot of money on disposal.

How to play a fantasy game

After you have selected a 15-player team you need to allocate 11 players.

Furthermore, based on the results of these players in real matches, you will earn points.

You need to choose a captain as well as a deputy because the captain will bring you twice as many points.

The substitute can also score points, but only if the captain has not played the match.

Anyone who decides to play fantasy can join a public or private group.

For example, while you are competing in a public group with other players in the league, you can decide in private whether you will play against a friend.

The game has a few rules to watch out for. In other words, if you bet that one or a few of your players can not be relegated, you can use the Transfer option to exclude that player from his team.

After completing each Game Week you will receive one free transfer. In other words, you will not spend points on buying another player.

Also, you can’t cross over 2 free transfers because it will cost you 4 points for each player for transfer.

Fantasy games tips

Finally, you need to have at most 1 forward, 3 defenders and 1 goalkeeper.

You will be rewarded with a wildcard that allows you to modify the 15-player set to lose points.

There is an All-Out Attack that allows you to use a special form of 2-5-3. You will then get one such card that can be used at any time during the season.

BenchBoost is a card thanks to which your total points will include players points who are deputies.

Finally, a total of 15 players will be added to GameWeek. You will get one card that can be used at any time during the season.

Triple Captain is similar to BenchBoost, but after this, the points of the captain will be three times higher than the original points.

No matter whether you play this game or you’ve decided to track matches as well as results, you will surely have fun.

Because do not forget that it is a competition that has the best clubs in both Europe and beyond.

Are you ready for new exciting matches? It is time for an exciting season full of interesting turnovers and top goals by top players. Get enough time to keep up with everything you care about.

Good luck with guessing future scores and of course with achieving excellent results playing the game.

What are you waiting for it’s time to play the best game!