Manchester United FC

Manchester United FC is a professional football club in England. Their base is on Old Trafford stadium in an area of Stretford. However, they compete in the Premier League and they have a nickname “the Red Devils”. In the beginning, this club was called the Newton Heath LYR football club. As a matter of fact, this was in 1878. This was the year when this club was founded. But in 1910. they change the name in Manchester United and in 1902 they moved to the current stadium.

However, this club won more trophies than any other club in England. Not to mention that they won 20 League titles, 12 FA Cups, 5 League Cups and even 21 FA Community Shields. As a matter of fact, with all these trophies they even won 3 UEFA Champions Leagues, 1 UEFA European League, 1 Intercontinental Cup, 1 UEFA Super Cup, 1 FIFA Club World Cup, and 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. In 1958 they have one club disaster where eight their players lose their lives.

So far they were the first club in English football history which won the European Cup. In the period from 1986 to 2013, they win 38 trophies. Not to mention that they are one of the most widely supported clubs in the world. Their rivals are Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Leeds.

Early history

In the beginning, this club is known as Newton Heath LYR Football Club and he was formed in 1878, but after two years they have their first recorded match. But in this match, they were defeated 6-0 by Bolton Wanderers reserve team. Since 1888. they become a founding member of The Combination, the regional football league. As a matter of fact, on 24 April 1902, they change their name, and since then they are known as Manchester United.


After that, they play promotion for First Division and in 1908 they won the First Division. Not to mention that this was the first club title. After that season they become even better. In the following season, they win the first FA Cup title. After the First World War in 1922, they were relegated in the Second Division. In fact, they stayed in this division for three years and in 1925 they play promotion. The following years weren’t so good for them and in 1927 they almost got bankrupt.

However, in the years after World War 2, they got the new manager Matt Busby. As a matter of fact, he wants all control over the club selection, player transfers, and training sessions. But all this gives them great results. In this time they were two times in the second place in the league, they win FA Cup. In fact in 1952. they won the First Division for the first time in 41 years. However, in 1957. they become the first English team which competes in the European Cup. Only a year later this club had one terrible disaster in which eight their players lose their lives.

Man. Uni. season 1905-1906.

Air disaster

The air disaster in Munich was on 6 February 1958. In this case in this plane was the United football team. As a matter of fact, in this plane, there were 44 people, and twenty of them died in the moment of the crash. Their team was coming back from Belgrade where they play the European Cup match.

They stopped in Munich to refill the fuel, but after that, they have some problems with the engine and they can’t fly. Unfortunately, the captain decides to try on more time, and at this moment this disaster happens. The airplane hit the slush and they pass the fence. In this case, they even hit the house. In fact, after that, they were afraid that the airplane could explode so they start evacuation right away. At the beginning of the investigation, they blamed captain, but later they realize that he isn’t guilty. In fact, the crash was caused by the slush on the runway.

After this disaster, it took ten years for the club to recover. As a matter of fact, they need to build a new generation of players

Ferguson years

Alex Ferguson menage with this club from 1986 to 2013. For sure we can say that he is one of the best coaches in the world. Basically, in time when he was in the manager position, he won 38 trophies. And all these trophies include 13 Premier League titles, five FA Cups and other ones. After he becomes one of to best managers in their history he decides to retire in 2013. But still, he decides to stay in the club as a director and club ambassador.

Manchester United fixtures

The most important thing for sure is that in the future we can see a huge number of great games. The new season started and we already enjoy in some great games.

Their first game in Premier League was against Chelsea. As a matter of fact, in this game, they win 4-0. But in the second game, they were not so good. In fact, they play draw against Wolves.

For now, they are in fourth place, but the season just started and everything is possible. Not to mention that their next match on August 24 and then they have the opportunity to win and move on the table. As a matter of fact, one of the great things is that now they have four days off before the next match and they have the opportunity to get their heads together.

In any case, the new season gives new opportunities and still some teams that are on the bottom of the table can come on the top. Maybe everyone knows who is the best team, but still, there can be some surprises. All in all, we can only wait and see who will be the best this season. Maybe we will see some surprises.

All-time stats

Without a doubt, every club in the world has some records. As a matter of fact, some clubs are better than the other ones. And some players are better than the other ones. If we look at “the Red Devils” history we can see who scored the most club goals, or who had the most appearance for the club. As a matter of fact, in their club history, the most appearances had Ryan Giggs.

In fact, he played for 963 times for this club and in all his playing history he scored 168 goals. However, he plays for them for 16 years. In the second place, we can see that the best scorer is Wayne Rooney. In fact, in the 559 appearances, he scored 253 goals. Not to mention that he is the only player who scored this amount of goals in club history. And for that reason, he is the best club player.


In February 1909 Old Trafford become their home. In the first place, they planned that this stadium has a capacity of 100 000 spectators, but the budget for construction was to low and they make this stadium for 77 000 spectators. They reach stadium record in 1939. As a matter of fact, in this case, there were 76,962 spectators. Unfortunately, in World War 2, the stadium was destroyed. After that, they make a reconstruction. In this case, they made some of the improvements and they play at this stadium since then.


As a matter of fact, every club in the world has fans. And we know that the United is one of the most popular clubs in the world. Not to mention that they have a huge number of fans all over the world. In fact, you can find more than 200 officially recognized branches in the world. However, they have advantages with all these fans, specifically in the summer when they have a worldwide tour.Not to mention that they have the third-highest social media following in the world.

And all that if we look at other clubs. In fact, they even have loudest fans in the Premier League. In the same way, as they have a huge number of fans, they have rivals. As a matter of fact, every club in the world has some rivals. For them, the main rivals are Liverpool, Arsenal, Leeds and Manchester City. And if we need to decide which of these clubs they are the biggest rivals then for sure this is Liverpool. In fact, they are rivals since the Industrial Revolution. They are the two most successful English clubs.

Colors and kits

At the beginning of this club, even before they start to compete they have white uniforms with a blue cord. After they change the name they change the main colors. And now they wear red shirts, white shorts, and black socks. In fact, this becomes their official home kit. At this moment their main home kit is a red shirt with Adidas logo, three stripes on their shoulders, white shorts, and black socks.

In history, they have had some changes in their away kits. In most of the cases, this was a white shirt, black shorts, and white socks. As a matter of fact, they even have a third kit, and in most of the cases, this one is completely blue. But even in this combination, they have some changes in history. In some cases, these kits were green and gold, blue and white. As a matter of fact, they even had a completely black combination.

In any case, nowadays every year we can see some new improvements in kits. They always looking for something that will help their team, but still some colors stay. In fact, every team has its color, and we don’t need to know is playing. But when we see the colors we know.

Manchester United transfer news

In this transfer period, we can see a lot of different transfers in this club. For sure, there are some speculations, but will some of these transfers happen? We will see. For sure “the Red Devils” are one of the best football clubs in England. But not only in England. And for that reason, we can see a huge number of transfers.

If we look at the last transfer news, then we can see that Sanchez could leave the club. In fact, he could leave in Inter. And that Pogba will stay for sure in the club. And if we look at big names, then for sure we need to mention Romelu Lukaku.

As a matter of fact, he went to Inter Milan for an amazing £73 million. Until now this is the biggest transfer for them. Because if we look at players which come in the club none of them didn’t pass this amount of money. In any case, we have only a couple of days until the end of the transfer season and still, we can see a lot of transfers.

However, I would not bet that this is the only transfer in this club. And for sure we will have all the information on Soccer 10.

Manchester United news

As a matter of fact, the latest Manchester United news tells us that they played their last match draw. In fact, this match was on August 19. However, they played against Wolves. Not to mention that they have had the opportunity to win in this match, but they didn’t make it. In case that they won in this match, they had the opportunity to move on the table. However, now they are on the 4th place on the table.

As a matter of fact, in this game, Pogba missed the penalty. And after that, some of the fans start to abuse him on social media. In fact, the club makes a statement in response to the racist abuse of him. Not to mention that they have zero tolerance for any form of racism.

One of the fresh news is the fact that they invest money in improvements to the stadium. This summer they invest money in improvement on facilities for disabled fans. And other money they invested in the security improvements. Not to mention that some of the fans want that they make a bigger stadium. But right now that is not possible.