Manchester United dropping in Football Money League

Manchester United might lose their title as the richest Premier League club – with expected to drop up to £60 million. After Football Money League was published, Manchester United was stated unchanged in the third place, with the income of £627.1 million during last season.

This is a significant gap to Manchester City who is taking sixth place with £538.2 million and Liverpool, who is currently in seventh place with £533million. However, for the current season, Manchester United already predicted the drop in their income as they failed to qualify for the Champions League. That will also be a trigger for commercial sponsors, who are the main source of income.

Despite their failure in Champions League, they still continue their battle with Liverpool. It will be played both domestically and in Europe. Now, their focus in on retaining their European title and winning the Premier League. The Red Devils will likely fall to their lowest ever Money league position in the next season.

Manchester United will have a difficult time to get back on top

“This situation could put the club at risk of losing as the Premier League’s highest revenue-generating club. It will be for the first time in the Money League history.” – Deloitte stated. Manchester’s revenues bounced on more than £600 million which contributed to the club’s reputation. This was the reason they continued to acquire commercial partners despite their not so shining performance.


Ferguson’s guidance for 27 years ensured the club was the richest, measured by revenues. Now, that reputation will be taken by their rivals. The city is vast outsiders in the Premier League but they could easily claim the new lucrative commercial arrangement with Puma. During the last season, they settled for a quarter-final place while Liverpool lifted the trophy.

If the Reds manage to defeat United, they will automatically become the favourites to win the Premier League. Man United joined Arsenal in this downhill trip. They fell from 9th to 11th spot over the years, with the failure to qualify for the Champions League.

United’s revenues doubled from 2010/2011 season but slowed down during the past two years. Their lucrative arrangments with both Adidas and Chevrolet ensured that the club remains in a position to compete. This was especially important as the club won’t receive any financing on the top of this income. So, the bank check Manchester City is getting from their owners is a real burn.

For now, United can enjoy third place in Deloitte’s list. At least, it is much above Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain. Barcelona is on the top with €840.8 million income and Real Madrid takes the second place with €757.3 million. Prepare yourself for the next fixture with betway! Good odds and promotions will help you to win great prizes.