Mamelodi Sundowns

Mamelodi Sundowns is a football club in South Africa. However, they are competing in the best South Africa competition Premier Soccer League. Not to mention that they are record winners in the league and since 1996 they win the title nine times. As a matter of fact, in 2016 they win CAF Champions League and in the same year, they became the CAF Club Of The Year.

However, they have one great winning history. Specifically, if we know that they win the Nedbank Cup four times. On the other hand, they are the first African club that competed in the FIFA Club World Cup and in that case they made one great result. In fact, they end in 6th place.

Equally important is to say that the owner of this club is Patrice Motsepe. Not to mention that he is a billionaire businessman. As a matter of fact, you can find this club with a nickname The Brazilians. Of course, they got this nickname because of their kits which are similar to the kits from the Brazilian national team.

Mamelodi Sundowns F.C. history

As a matter of fact, this club is formed in the 1960s and in 1970 they become official football club. However, in 1973 they affiliated to the Professional Football League. Not to mention that in the same year they play in finals of the Coca-Cola Cup. But in this case, they lose that match. Later in 1978, we can see the end of the National Professional Football League. In this case, Sundowns are moved in the second division.


For example, they try for five years to come to the first division. And in the end, in the 1980s club management decided to disband the club. Meanwhile, the club is relocated and since the early 1980s, he is in Mamelodi. In 1985 in South Africa is started National Soccer League and here you can find all the best teams in the country.

As a matter of fact, in the years that are coming with all the problems that they have. They become the best club in South Africa. Not to mention that they win the first NSL League trophy.

Mamelodi Sundowns FC Stadium

Lucas Masterpieces Moripe Stadium is home to this club. But they share this space with Supersport United FC. The location of this stadium is in Atteridgeville. Generally, this is a suburb area of Pretoria. It will bee good that this is not the only stadium that they use. In fact, some of their matches they play on Loftus Versfeld Stadium.

As a matter of fact, this stadium got the name from local soccer players. However, in 2010 they change the name of the stadium, before that he was known as Super Stadium. Due to preparation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the German national team uses this stadium for their training.

The Brazilians and the Premier Soccer League

In the season 1996/97, National Soccer League is replaced. And now this is Premier Soccer League. As a matter of fact, from 1998 to 2000 they win five titles. In 2001 they played in the final game of the CAF Champions League. But in this case, they were defeated.

Above all, they become the best team in South Africa. In fact, a lot of teams want to win the trophies but still, they made to win the most of them. After all this great year we can see a couple of quiet years. But in 2006 they win their seventh crown in the league. However, in the next season, they didn’t make to win their second title in the row. In this case, they lose in the final match.

Not to mention that they become the first team from South Africa which wins in the Caf Super Cup. And in 2012 they make one amazing record. In fact, they win in the Nedbank Cup with a score of 24-0. As a matter of fact, they were the second team from South Africa which wins the continental title and becomes champions of Africa.

Last season

In the last season where we can find a lot of thrills and great matches, The Brazilians become crowned as a winner of the Premiers Soccer League. Not to mention that this is the nine-time that they win this crown. As a matter of fact, the last and final match was between Mamelodi Sundowns vs Orlando Pirates.

Basically, every fan could enjoy this amazing match. But in this case, The Brazilians made to win against the opponent. For sure this is one amazing score, and becoming the nine-time champion is not an easy job. But they have a great team and for sure they deserve it.

Club records


As a matter of fact, we already mention that this is one of the best teams in South Africa. The team who has the most titles in their history. And for sure they will have it even more.

But now, let’s take a look at some club records. As a matter of fact, a player who has the most stars is Daniel Mudau. In fact, he starts to play in 390 matches.

However, in the second place, we have a player who scores the most goals in club history. And in this case, this is again Daniel Mudau.

Basically, he scored 172 goals in his playing career. But on the other hand, the player who scores the most goals in on season is Bennet Masinga. For example, in one season he scored 33 goals.

Overall, we need to mention the Premier Soccer League. Specifically when we know that they are the club with the most title in this league. As a matter of fact, since the season 1996/97 till now they were champions nine times. In all this history they were three times in the second place and two times in the third place.

In case we compare this club with other ones from South Africa. Then for sure, we will get the best information about this club. Basically, we will see how big this club is.

CAF Competitions

As a matter of fact, the first appearance in CAF Competition’s South African clubs has in 1993. Before that, they can’t compete in this competition because of the 16 years ban from FIFA. The main reason for that was the apartheid system from that time.

However, this ban was active from 1976 to 1992. But it will be good to mention that from that time until now, they play 13 times in this competition. Not to mention that they have 1 appearance in the African Cup of Champions Clubs and 12 appearances in the CAF Champions League. In fact, in 2016 they become champions in this competition. As a matter of fact, they win in the final match against Zamalek 3-1.

FIFA Club World Cup

In the same way, as we have the FIFA World Cup, we have the FIFA Club World Cup. As a matter of fact, this is an international competition. However, here you can find seven best teams from every continent. Not to mention that this competition is in December and in the two weeks they are fighting each other for this title. In this case, the last winner of this cup is Real Madrid.

But, The Brazilians have the opportunity to compete in this cup. In fact, in 2016 they have their first appearance in the competition. And I would not bet that this is their last one. However, at this time they end up in sixth place. Which is not that bad result. Specifically, if we know who big are teams from other countries.

Mamelodi Sundowns last news

For sure the last season was one of the great seasons for them. With their coach, they make some great results. But last season is over, and they need to look for the new one. For sure they need to make some changes in their team or just some great preparation for the next season. In any case, they will need to do something. If they want to stay on this high level.

However, at the beginning of the pre-season preparation, they have some other plans. But now they change them. In fact, they need to go to the Democratic Republic of Congo, but now they go to Zambia. As a matter of fact, Jeremy Brockie comes back in the team after he has some days off after tragedy in his family.

For sure, here is some news from the transfer part. And some of the players leave the team and some of them are coming. Not to mention that for that reason is good to have great pre-season preparation. You need to put the team back together. Basically, make them breathe like one. And when you have some new players it is hard to do that without any preparation game.

For that reason they have their pre-season where they will play some friendly matches and like that they will see if there is some problem with the team.


In the same way as every season some of the players will leave the team for some reason. Some of them will leave the team because they want to. And on the other hand, some of them will go because the club wants so. In any case, the club is the one who decides who will stay and who will leave.

For that reason, we have some leaves from the club and some coming. However, The Brazilians made only two transfers this season. And if we look at other clubs then for sure this is a small number of new players. But in a situation when you have a winning team you don’t need to change anything.

As a matter of fact, Mauricio Affonso and Nyiko Mobbie are new players that come. But Mobbie will bee transferred to another club. So, in this case, we can say that they got only one amplification. However, even their coach said that first when he comes in this team, he brought 11 new players in the first season on this position. And since then he doesn’t change a lot.

But this is normal when you have a great team which knows how to play with each other. And for sure they are ready for the new season. After all, if there will be some changes in this field then you can find it on the Soccer10.

Mamelodi Sundowns fixtures

In future time, we can enjoy some great games. In fact, the new season will start soon but even other competitions. Mamelodi Sundowns vs Supersport United will be the first game we can see on August 3 where they will play at 15: 00.

Not to mention that on this day the new season begins. And the last game of this season will be on the 9 May 2020. As a matter of fact, in this period teams will play 30 games. For sure this match will not be the easy one, but still, they have a great chance to win in this match.

As a matter of fact, this match can be a great opportunity for them to open the new season with a win. Will this be like that? We can only wait for the new season. After this match, they have some days off. In fact, on August 11 they will play a match in the CAF Champions League.

In any case, the new season brings new opportunities. Some teams that were on the bottom of the table can come in the first place. Not to mention that they know that at this moment they are the best team and for sure this can be a great motivation.

But on the other hand, this can be a bad thing. In fact, other teams will have great motivation. And we know that you can’t underestimate an opponent. Still, we need to wait that the first match is played, only like that, we will know who will win. Or will they prove that they are the best?