Has Chippa United found a replacement for Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium will be unavailable for some time, so Chippa United must look for another place to train. Due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the stadium became a hospital for all those infected. Chippa United football club has set out in search of a replacement for Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. The problem is that the competition didn’t start, so we still don’t know anything. Group training is still banned in South Africa. The club’s management is checking out other options, one of which is Wilson Stadium.

The club’s management agreed to accept the national camp as a place where the team could train. The PSL League is currently suspended. Siviwe Mpengesi explained why his club is ready to change the stadium. No one at the club has anything against finishing the competition at the national camp. The Chippa team used Sisa Dukasha Stadium during 2014 as they moved from Cape Town.

Chippa United are currently in 12th place in the PSL table, and only three points separate them from relegation to the second league. In order to improve psl results and standings they will have to do their best. But for that, it is necessary to continue the competition. Until a decision about continuing the competition the Chilli boys will need to make a plan to make supabets odds even better.

National camp instead of Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium?

While the Chippa team is thinking about how to improve their game, two football organizations have formed a working team. That team will oversee the possible return of football. After the team compiles the report, Poobalan Govindasamy will send it to the government, which has declared a lockdown since March. It is still difficult to predict how the situation with the virus will develop. Everyone is hoping it could get better soon.


The most important thing is to provide conditions that will protect the players, coaches, support staff. It is not in anyone’s interest for the infection to spread once again, so all the necessary preparations should be made. We have to wait for the government to make a final decision on whether to accept or reject the JLC report.