Floyd Mbele: What will happen with Orlando Pirates?

Administrative manager of Orlando Pirates Floyd Mbele makes a strong reality check. There is a huge economic threat for many clubs during the current COVID-19 situation. Everything stopped before the month, and no one knows when all this will start.

South Africa is currently under total lockdown. The whole economy is under the pressure, many people are in fear for their jobs while many stayed without a job. Right now this can be a reality for some local footballers. Not only for these players in the lower league.

Floyd Mbele spokes about Pirates and other clubs

For him, there is a huge possibility that some players will be infected, and they can lose them. Many clubs can stay without players. But we can’t be thinking about that way. Nature is nature. Once all this passes, we will need to see the damage this virus did, and how to move forward.

Right now there are many possibilities, we can only make plans. But reality can be different. As Mbele said, no one can guess when will all this stop. He even doesn’t know if there will be Pirates after all this situation. Sponsors can take all money. They can think that there is nothing in this league to show.


One of the real possibilities is the fact that they can take their money to keep their employees. In this situation, Pirates or some other club will not be able to pay their players. Also, many clubs all around the world are taking a pay-cuts. Only like this, they can keep their staff.

Pirates have sponsors, but what will happen with clubs which don’t have sponsors. Many clubs all around the world will disappear. Floyd said that we can’t say that life is normal. Life is not normal, no one can be secure that he will have a job after all this.

This situation is not normal and no one can say that sponsors will not take their money. We can do anything about this situation. After this virus, nothing will be the same. Probably we will not have good Soccer10 results, but it’s important to survive.