Euro 2020 news: VAR will be used in the Euro playoffs

Euro 2020 news

Euro 2020 news are more interesting with every day. It was recently decided that a VAR or video assistant referee would be used at the Euro 2020 playoffs. This technology will also be used for the next World Cup. Whether everyone will like we have to wait to see. It is well known that there are teams of as well as coaches who are not impressed with the latest technology in football match monitoring.

The latest Euro 2020 news has revealed that VAR will be used for FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Did you know that the video assistant referee was not used in Euro qualifications? Although the referees have so far been unable to rely on this technology during qualifying, they will now have a chance during the playoffs. Video technology was first used in 2017 at the Confederations Cup. And for the second time during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

UEFA has already approved the use of VAR technology for the League of Nations, and FIFA is expected to do the same. Official news has yet to arrive, but everyone assumes FIFA will also approve the use of the device. The VAR should make the job easier for the referees, but whether it will be like that we have to wait.

Euro 2020 news

Recently there has been a draw for Euro 2020 with national teams that will surely compete. Group A, Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland. In Group B, Denmark will play as a leader against Finland, Belgium, Russia. Group C will play the Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria and playoff winner D. In group D will play England, Croatia, Czech Republic, the C playoff winner. In the group, E will play Spain, Sweden, Poland, B playoff winner. Group F will introduce Germany, Portugal, France, playoff winner A.


Many agree that Group F is the toughest since in this group will compete the best national teams with excellent soccer 10 results. But now it’s hard to predict which of these teams will eventually qualify for the championship final. It will be an interesting championship with the best teams. The bookmakers are already trying to predict who will win. England, France, Belgium occupy the top three places. Spain is also in the top five.