Ernst Middendorp

Who is the coach on the bench of Kaizer Chiefs? In the first place, Ernst Johannes Middendorp is a German football manager born in Freren. Generally, Freren is a municipality in the Emsland district. At this time he is a football coach in Premier Soccer League. And he is the head coach of Kaizer Chiefs. As a matter of fact, this team is the best in history.

They are owners of more than 50 trophies and they want more. And for sure Ernst Middendorp achievements with this club will only grow. Not to mention that he was already on the bench in this club. During that time he won a couple of trophies. And he even menage to win in a match against big Manchester United in Vodacom Challenge.

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Despite the fact that Ernst Middendorp was a football lover and player in 1984 he enrolled in the University of Bielefeld. As a matter of fact, in this college, he graduated in 1986. Since then he has a degree in economics, politics, and history.


But he didn’t stop here. Above all in 1987 he took computer courses at two institutions. In the first place, he goes to the Gesamthochschule Paderborn Institute in Germany. After he finished this course he earned a degree in special economics.

In the second place, he goes to the Computer College Rheine in Germany, and after this course, he becomes a system analyst. Not to mention that even after all that, he wants more. And in 1996 he gets his UEFA Pro License from Deutsche Sporthochschule in Köln. As a matter of fact, this license is the highest coaching certificate available at this time.

In fact, with this license, you can coach football teams in the top tier. However, in 2000 he began studying communication and management in Berlin. Finally, he was studied up to 2002.

Ernst Middendorp career

As can be seen, in 1996 he got UEFA Pro License. But he was coaching football teams on the highest level for more than 20 yeas. Despite the fact that he is from Europe, he coached teams from Asia, Africa and of course Europe.

Not to mention that he has experience in analyzing FIFA world cup tournaments and he even analyzing the EURO tournament in 2012. However, he started his professional coaching career in 1994. In this case, he becomes a coach of the DSC Arminia Bielefeld. As a matter of fact, this team was competing in 3rd Bundesliga.

When Ernst Middendorp was on the bench this team was promoted to the Bundesliga in 1996. In 2005 the were celebrating 100 years of this club, and in this case, they chose Ernst Middendorp as their coach of the century. Not to mention that he was coaching this club three times in his career.

After that time he went to Asia to coach the Chinese club, but this didn’t last long and he was back in Germany. However, in 2009 he becomes a coach of Rot Weiss Essen, but he was in this position only 29 days. Later in that year, he joined another club, but only a couple of months later he was fired.

Ernst Middendorp career in South Africa

In the first place, the first time when Ernst Middendorp was coaching some African club was in season 2005/06. As a matter of fact, he was a coach of Kaizer Chiefs. Not to mention that at this time they won some trophies. In fact, they won SAA Supa 8 Cup, ABSA Cup. Not to mention that they even won the Vodacom Challenge. In the final game, they won Manchester United.

But after this period he was back in Germany and he was even trying to coach the Asian club. But in 2009 he was back in Africa. In this case, he becomes the head coach of Maritzburg United. For a short time, he was the coach of Golden Arrows. But in 2013 he was back to Maritzburg United. Until 2015 he was a head coach in a couple of clubs. But all that was for a short time.

However, in season 2015/16 he leads not one but two teams from the relegation to safety. As a matter of fact, he was on the coaching position in Free State Stars. He manages moves them from the 16th position to the 10th position in only four months.

In 2016 he was back in Maritzburg United, at that time they were on the bottom of the table. But, until the end of the season he menage to move them on the safe 14th place. Not to mention that he was a mentor of Fadlu Davids. As a matter of fact, he spends so much time learning the coaching.

Above all, today he is the coach of the most successful club in South Africa. In 2018 Kaizer Chiefs new coach become Ernst Middendorp. And for sure Ernst Middendorp trophies at Chiefs will get some backup.