Edwin Gyimah regrets leaving Orlando Pirates

Edwin Gyimah regrets leaving Orlando Pirates. For him, this was the worst football decision he ever made. Finally, he speaks about the reasons why he left with Muhsin Ertugral.

In February 2017, Edwin submitted a request to leave the club. After this decision, he was released from his contract by the Buccaneers. But because of this decision, he will regret up until this day.

Before he leaves the club, he had one little fight with the ex Pirates coach Ertugral. He leaves the club before him, but as he said he didn’t have anything with his departure.

Edwin Gyimah spoke about his time in the Pirates

In that time when he played for Pirates, he makes some bad decisions. Soccer is a sport where soccer players have a lot of things to learn. He thinks that many players learn the lesson. Private life has a lot of effect on the game, and advice from the people from our private lives has a lot of effect on the career.


Bad friends and bad decisions had a lot of effect on his decision. At that time he didn’t know the culture of Shout Africans. Even if he was there for some time.

The situation with Pirates is really something out of the soccer. Something that anyone can’t control. He didn’t leave the club because of the incident with Muhsin, there was something on the field because he makes such a decision.

Sometimes some players can have a lot of influence from the people outside the soccer. Someone can say that you will have a chance for something better if you leave the club. Leaving the Pirates was the biggest decision in his career and the worst he makes. But at that moment he had a feeling like he doesn’t have anything to offer for the team. Even if everyone loved him.

But this was his decision, no one didn’t force him to leave the club. As he said, the day he left the Pirates everything stopped for him. He didn’t have good Soccer10 results anymore.