Mandzukic doesn’t know how to lose, he will punish you

https://twitter.com/EnemyOfFootbaII/status/1260448461301956609?s=20 Former Bayern defender Jan Kirchhoff speaks about his time in the Bayern and the time when he played with Mario Mandzukic. He said that the Croatian striker knows regularly how to give...
Germany Bundesliga

Germany Bundesliga – new case of coronavirus

Since Germany Bundesliga announced their return, they started with tests of players to ensure maximum safety. However, 10 of the 1,724 players have shown positive results to coronavirus test. This immediately arose questions about season continuing with...

Football is coming back

https://twitter.com/InfiniteMadrid/status/1256583620455731203?s=20 The Spanish best football players are back on the training this week. The championship should start in June, and it will end in the summer. In Spain, a coronavirus pandemic stopped everything...
German soccer fans

German soccer fans express support with cardboard

As the future of the sport is still uncertain because of the coronavirus outbreak, German soccer fans want to do everything to support their league. For that reason, they started putting cardboard cutouts of themselves into the...

Fifa introduces new football rule because of coronavirus

https://twitter.com/BBCSport/status/1254816326771605507?s=20 In recent days we can hear that many leagues will have a comeback. Right now English football players are hoping that they will come back on the football field on the 8th...
The Bundesliga

The Bundesliga rumours; we could watch it live from May 9

https://twitter.com/Bundesliga_EN/status/1253353185760038912?s=20 The Bundesliga – Germany’s best soccer League could soon be back and available to watch. Of course, only behind screens for now. Everyone is waiting for the government to get easy on...
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Bayern announced the date of Bundesliga start

https://twitter.com/afcIuis/status/1252316358861348871?s=20 This week Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder, North Rhine-Westphalia Prime Minister Armin Laschet, and DFL CEO Christian Seifert concluded that Bundesliga could continue even in May 9th. However, there is a huge...

The Bundesliga will start in a short time

https://twitter.com/DFL_Official/status/1250083841664057344?s=20 This week the German Football League should have a meeting, but this meeting was postponed to April 23rd. Like this, they give enough time for the teams in the second league to have enough time...

Borussia Dortmund is the craziest team in Europe

https://twitter.com/BlackYellow/status/1226950744097673217?s=20 It could be said that Borussia Dortmund was one of the teams that were nice to watch in Europe this season. Although this German giant has a lot of problems to...
European clubs

Who owns 10 major European clubs?

https://twitter.com/ManCity/status/1200002788882833408 Such a huge number of football clubs in Europe, but who are the owners of these clubs? There is a huge number of transfers with a huge circulation of money. But...
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Meregalli admits there won’t be big MotoGP engine gains

Yamaha Boss, Massimo Meregalli came with an update on 2020 engine for February’s Sepang test. He stated that it is unlikely that...
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