Cape Town City FC

Cape Town City FC is a football club from South Africa. His base is in Cape Town, and you can enjoy their matches in the Premier Soccer League. They are a young club. In fact, they are re-formed in 2016, the original club dates back in the 1960s. They are maybe a young club, but still, they manage to win some trophies.

For the first time in a couple of years, you can fell a different level of excitement in local soccer. And for the first time, this has nothing with Chiefs, Pirates or Sundowns. For sure, there are many great years in front of them. Until now, the situation in the PSL log is not ideal, but every team played a couple of matches and still, there is a huge number of matches. Everything is possible until the end of the season.

Cape Town City FC history

In 1937 dairy workers founded this club. But, then this club was known as Black Aces. The club was folded after the season of 2002. In this season they end up in 14th place and this was enough for them. Thought history you can find this club with different names, Ukhumba Black Aces, Super Kurl Aces, and Witbank Black Aces.

The current club is the second incarnation. In 2007 they entered in South African football league. At this period club was transferred to Witbank. They got the license in 2006 and in season 2007/08 they played under the name Mpumalanga Black Aces. In 2016. John Comitis purchased franchise rights and he closes the club. From that moment he creates Cape Town City F.C., over 950 miles away.


John Comitis is a South African businessman and former professional soccer player. In 1999 he was one of the two co-founders of Ajax Cape Town F.C. He buoyed defunct Black Aces, and move the club in Cape Town. Comitis felt that Cape Town needs some great football team who will truly represent football heritage and talent of local players.

New team, big dreams

Created just before 3 years, after John purchase and relocate the Black Aces franchise, the club becomes a force in a short time. African football should count on them in the future. It is hard to build a new football couture in a city with a deeply divided post-apartheid.

For the Cape Town football is incredibly relevant for the city. We can see Cape Town City FC squad way back in 1962. But this history is not straightforward to the present day.

John Comitis, owner and chairman of the club was a player himself. He played in South Africa during the apartheid, but he also played in Greece and Scotland. After he retired, he builds a successful business empire in the whole world. He was a founding member of two historic local clubs.

This club is a pure football project. They are a new team, but they have people who have decades worth of SA football passion and experience. The big motivation for founding this club was to right the wrongs of the past. And to build something that really represents Cape Town and the love for the game.

Cape Town City FC menage to brought back the feeling of civil pride. In a short time, they become a city team. It’s funny that they exist for only three years and they become culturally significant. They have big things in front of them, and they want to create something that can’t be bought.


Football in South Africa is one of the most important sports in this country. But if we look back in history, the first match of Cape Town didn’t have so many spectators. If you want to buy Cape Town City FC ticket, you can easily do that. At the stadium, you can see barely 500 fans.

Only a couple of minutes was needed that they show that they know how to play football. On this match, the crowd was an incredible mixture of nationalities. You could see jerseys from all corners of the world. In this first match, Cape Town City won 3-0. And since then they become culturally significant for the city.

Club’s vision

Cape Town City FC is a football team that strives to represent and empower all ethnic and racial diversities in the city. For that reason, they use their roots in Nyanga, the City Centre, and the Cape Flats with the only one goal, to unite all people of the Cape Town under one football team.

The official manifesto preaches diversity in defining the Cape Town football history. Until now they manage to do that. It’s not an easy job to become one of the most significant football teams in the city. But they do their best, not only on the field.


Cape Town Stadium

All their matches are played on the Cape Town Stadium in the Green Point area of Cape Town. However, in 2018 John Comitis announced that they have plans to build their own stadium. Cape Town Stadium is built for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In the planning stage, this stadium is known as Green Point Stadium.

This was the name of the previous stadium on this site. Since 2010 Ajax Cape Town is playing on this stadium. And since 2016 Cape Town City is playing on this stadium. You can find this stadium in Green Point, between Signal Hill and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s near to the city center and to the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.

During the FIFA World Cup, this stadium has a capacity of 64,100 spectators. But later this number was reduced to 55,000. During the construction period, this stadium was known as Green Point Stadium. This was the name of an older stadium demolished to make way for the new stadium. In October 2009 they decide that the new stadium will have a new name. Since then this stadium becomes Cape Town Stadium. 2017 they announced plans for a new name. But until now nothing changed.

Honors and legends

In their short history, they won a couple of trophies. Their first trophy came in season 2016/17 when they won against SuperSport United in the final match in Telkom Knockout Cup. In this tournament, they scored 12 goals in 4 matches during the tournament and they won their first trophy in their first season.

They didn’t need to wait so long for the new trophy. In 2018 they won the trophy in MTN 8. Until now they don’t have so many notable players, because most of the Cape Town City FC players still playing. But they have a group of 30 notable players and they give them lifetime season tickets. In this group of most represent players, we can find Thabo Mngomeni, David Nyathi, Ben Anderson, Bernard Hartze and a couple of more.

Cape Town City FC online shop

After 2016 when we saw for the first time Cape Town City. They decide to have the team of the City. The team that they can truly call their own club. And they manage to do that. Since the beginning, they do things differently than other clubs.

They have the determination to create success in such a short time. But with all that, they have a story behind them that the entire country continues to fall in love with. Before they have a tradition Family Night Football, and today Cape Town City is resurrecting that tradition by playing their home games right in the heart of the City.

For all that reason in February 2018 they launched their brand new online store on their club website. Here you can find all their new merchandise. All these include Cape Town City FC kits, popular peek caps, supporters gear, clothing and more. In this way, every fan can get something from this club.

DreamClub 100

DreamClub100 is the most inclusive and comprehensive community development structure in South African football. They have a vision to uplifting their football-loving City on a large scale. And DreamClub100 creates an opportunity for players to go from the streets of township football to the dream of a professional career.

The DreamClub100 is an ideal program for the football-loving youth in Cape Town. This program includes 100 local amateur football clubs. They got professional coaching of their coaches, coaching of their players, kit and all equipment to uplift their structure. All this is because they want to build a stronger relationship between local community clubs and Cape Town City FC.

The key point of DreamClub100 is the Elite 16-team DreamClub100 tournament. This tournament is at the end of the program calendar and 20 best players will have the opportunity to be selected for the Cape Town City FC Elite Academy. For this tournament, we can say that it is some kind of Cape Town City FC trials.

They offer a direct path for talented football players to achieve their professional dreams. Selected players have a chance to coach with a licensed coach. This is one great opportunity for all young players who got a chance to become a professional football player.

News Cape Town City FC

On Saturday 14 we can see their last match against SuperSport United in the Premiership. In this match, they played draw and the final score was 3-3. For them, this was the third time in this season that they played draw. But after this match, their coach wasn’t satisfied and it looks like now he is sure that the club needs to bring more players. Specifically in the defense.

The team manager believes that coach McCarthy has the squad to compete in the PSL but the coach and the Cape Town City FC results show a little bit different story. For sure, one of the main problems of the team is injured players. And when they come back to the team, the situation will be a little bit different. But until then they need to find a way how to play without them.

After this match, the coach said that his team was sloppy, and with all these problems they can’t allow something like that. And some of the players are in the comfort zone because they know that they will play in the next match no matter what.

Right now the defensive core of this team is either young or playing out of position, and the coach was disappointed with a lack of the desire in his team. They need to change that right away. Before the next match, they have a week off, and this will maybe help them to get all motivation or maybe some injured player back.

Cape Town City FC fixtures

Aubrey Ngoma

After the match that they play on Saturday against SuperSport United, their next match is on Sunday 22. This time, they will play against Golden Arrows. In the last match, Golden Arrows played against AmaZulu and in this match, they played draw. For sure this allows Cape Town City FC to prosper on the table after this match.

Right now Golden Arrows are on the eight positions and Cape Town is on the tenth position. Indeed, we will see a great match between these two teams. This month we can see them in one more match, and in this match, they will play against Orlando Pirates. Besides, this match will be on September 28. Right now they have the same number of points as the Golden Arrows, but they are on the seventh position.

Until this match between them, some things will change for sure. It’s good to mention that in October they will play only two matches in the Leauge, and if they will have some problems in the team this will be the ideal time for fixing them. But they have problems right now in the team, but until then they can have more of them. For more information’s about them or about all their matches its good to visit Soccer10. Generally, here you can find all the fresh sports news about this team or some other one, or just you can click here.