Baroka FC vs Kaizer Chiefs – Who will win

Baroka FC

Baroka FC will play against the Kaizer Chiefs. Do you know who will win? There are various speculations, but it will be best to wait for the 28th of September. The two football clubs will play at FNM Stadium. This PSL League will surely be interesting with lots of goals.

After several games, Baroka FC will play against the Kaizer Chiefs. It is well known that such matches are always interesting, especially because of the relationship between the fans of the two teams. The truth is that the atmosphere gets hot every time Amakhosi come to the stadium. Find out the latest news on Soccer 10.

Last year, Baroka FC managed to grab four Kaizer Chiefs points. Thus, the last match between the two clubs ended with a score of 1: 1. The Chiefs then scored both goals, with one goal being an own goal from Daniel Cardoso. Baroka FC is certainly waiting for an interesting atmosphere as the Chiefs have fans who have been following them for a long time.

If they win, the Chiefs will solidify their place at the top. Baroque is in ninth place. Even though the Baroque football club is not at the top, they have a good team that will surely do their best. Their fans, as well as the coach, are convinced that  Baroka will try to beat the Chiefs.


Baroka FC vs Kaizer Chiefs history

If you are interested in Premiership Results 2019 for the two clubs, you can see what is their ratio. The Kaizer Chiefs had 2 wins, lost twice, played 3 draws and never scored a goal in a single game. Baroque won two games but also lost two games. They played three draws and didn’t score a goal in a single game. They have an equal win-loss ratio in 2019. The situation was different in 2018. The Kaizer Chiefs had two wins. They didn’t lose a single game but had 1.3 goals per game. The Baroka club won neither, and they lost two games. Finally, they had 0.7 goals per game.

If you look at the ratio of Baroka – Kaizer Chiefs for 2017, you will see that the Baroka club had a slight victory. They didn’t lose a single game but played one draw. The Kaizer Chiefs lost one game, played one draw. Regardless of the results two years ago, we are certainly looking forward to an interesting match.